Lord Howe Island

"Lord Howe Island -Set in beautiful protected National Park!"

This place is well known by the locals but less visited by tourists. That might have something to do with the fact that they only let a certain number of people (400)on the island at any one time.

This is to preserve the natural habitats on this amazing island. It's the only Australian island to have been added to the UNESCO world heritage list due its pristine beauty. There is extensive Greenery and is certainly one of the best Australia National Parks

It's certainly not a cheap option but for those that have the money and want to bushwalk, relax on its beaches or snorkel amongst its marine life, then this is a great choice of the Australian Islands.

Getting To Lord Howe Island

Only real option is to fly here. It is an easy 2 hour flight from either Sydney or Brisbane and is located off the East Coast of Australia between Sydney and Melbourne in the Pacific Ocean (kind of on the way to New Zealand).

In peak season you can fly from Port Macquarie which is about 5 hours north of Sydney.

Qantas are the only airline to fly here so prices can be a bit on the expensive side. You generally have to do a package of flight and accommodation otherwise they make things a bit difficult for you - it's all about ensuring they know how many people are coming to the island.

Best time to come is when its warm but not too hot if you fancy walking. Anytime from late October through to March would be best, trying to avoid December and January when prices are at their peak and temperatures are too.

Things To Do On Lord Howe Island

You can come here and simply relax and enjoy its uncrowded gorgeous beaches. There are plenty of beaches suitable for kids and or good for swimming. You'll also find secluded little coves that you can literally have all to yourself. We went for a long weekend as a couple and found it to be one of the most romantic spots we'd been to.

But its more popular due to its many other activities on offer.

There's fantastic snorkelling directly off the island or head a little further out (plenty of boat trips available) for some amazing dive sites. The water here is just so amazingly clear and the variety of colourful fish makes this a very special experience. You can see turtles here (although we didn't.)

Bushwalking is also a popular past time here as the Mount Gower day walk is supposed to be one of the best ever. We didn't do it as it was an 8 hour walk and fairly arduous in places. Its best to do it with a guide who can really tell you extra info about the fauna, wildlife etc which is in abundance on this protected island.

Where To Stay on Lord Howe Island?

The good thing about the island is that there is a range of accommodation types but it does tend to cater for the well off!

  • Arajilla Retreat Hotel do a fully exclusive rate from $520 per person per day and that includes all meals.
  • Capella Lodge is absolutely stunning and prices start at $590 per room.
  • For something cheaper try Pinetree Resort that will do an all inclusive rate for 5 days for around $1000 per person.
  • Leanda Lei apartments are also good and start at $200 per night.
  • It's hard to find cheap accommodation on Lord Howe! This is a good destination to try to get Australia travel packages - it should make the overall cost cheaper but it's not easy as you need to have booked accommodation first before you can book a flight ( it must be the way they make sure there is only 400 tourists on the island)

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