Lake Mckenzie

"Lake Mckenzie - strictly a lake but well worth a mention!"

A weekend in Fraser Island is action packed and full of adventure. Discovering this beautiful lake in the middle of a rainforest with very tall trees growing in sand, is like finding your own piece of paradise.

How To Get To Lake Mackenzie

Firstly you need to get to Fraser Island Australia and this page will tell you how to get there.

Once at Fraser Island, you'll need to head for the rabbit warren of tiny sand tracks inside the rainforest itself near Railway Square and follow the signs to Lake Mackenzie.

Why Should You Come?

This really is a beautiful spot. It is surrounded totally by tall trees and is an oasis in the middle of the rainforest.

The water is warm and ultra clear. The sand is super white so it is perfect for sunbathers and those that fancy a swim. The sand is pure silica so walking on it feels so soft.

It is what's known as a perched lake, which means it contains only rainwater, with no water coming from streams or the sea. The sand at the bottom of the lake stops the rainwater from draining away.

Come at different times of the day and notice how the colour of the water changes - lovely greens and really is awe inspiringly beautiful.

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