Lake Burley Griffin

"Lake Burley Griffin - A wonderful centrepiece in the heart of the city!"

Named after the man himself who designed the layout of Canberra, Lake Burley Griffin is a great spot to relax or do some exercise - you'll see the locals enjoying a stroll, a run or even a bike ride in the parklands nearby and you'll also probably visit many of the Canberra museums and institutions that are placed on its shores.

It's so close the the city but you really do feel like you are in the middle of the countryside when you are strolling in the parks by the lake. I'd really recommend coming here to admire the views and that huge spout of water....

Getting To The Lake

It's pretty easy to get here given that the lake is such a centrepiece Canberra - it basically separates the two parts of the city - Capital hill on one side where you'll find new Parliament House and then the likes of the Australian War Memorial on the other.

There is also a bridge that pedestrians can use to get from one side to the other and there are parklands pretty much all the way along the shoreline of the lake which makes it a great place for a stroll.

Best place to head to though is Acton Park Ferry Terminal which is on the north end of the Lake and very central. From here you can hire boats, bikes and skates and they can tell you more about the cycle and walking paths that run along the lake.

There is also a little cruise you can do from here that is leisurely and informative.

You also need to see the Captain Cook Memorial Water Jet which is basically a huge shoot of water that goes straight in the air. It apparently throws 6 tons of water 147m into the air. It's not open all day - only open 11.00am-4.00pm and the best place to see it would be from Regatta Point.

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