Lady Elliot Island Australia

"Lady Elliot Island Australia -A great place to explore the Great Barrier Reef!"

Lady Elliot offers affordable island getaways with fantastic marine life. It also offers a range of places to stay,from standard accommodation to more expensive accommodation.

A perfect destination if you want to dive or snorkel.

It might also be a good destination for australia travel packages. Contact a travel agent to see if they have any good flights and accommodation deals.

How To Get To The Island

It is located off the coast of Queensland not too far from Fraser Island.

It means that you really need to fly to get here and Sea Air is really the only operator.

They run direct flights from Hervey Bay or Bundaberg. They will allow requests from other airports along the Queensland Coast like Gold Coast, but these tend to be more expensive and are only available on request.

Best bet is to fly into Hervey Bay with Virgin Blue and then catch a Sea Air flight to Lady Elliot Island.

Best time to come is during the "dry season" between May and October.

Things To Do On Lady Elliot Island Australia

You can literally get straight into the water and be on the Great Barrier Reef. The area is teaming with marine life and that includes manta rays (the islands logo) as well as tropical fish, coral and turtles.

Depending on what time of the year you come, there is a chance to see whales (June to September)or Turtle hatching(February and March)

There is a glass bottom boat here too if you want to explore the waters that way.

This particular area of the Great Barrier Reef is in the highest possible classification of Marine National Park - That means the snorkelling and diving etc is REALLY good here with fantastic visibility. There's two organised dives a day where you can see manta rays and ship wrecks. Night diving is also done but not as regularly.

If you want to, you can do a day trip to the island with Sea Air. You get a beautiful flight over Fraser Island and then you land on Lady Elliot. From here you get to enjoy all the marine life action before another flight back to the mainland.

Where To Stay

There is only one resort on the island but it does have differing options from budget (!) to deluxe.

lady elliot island eco resort

You can get a cabin for 4 people for around $190 per person per night and that includes breakfast and dinner

If you want luxury, then go for the suites which are about $300 per person per night. Top of Lady Elliot Island Australia

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