Kings Canyon National Park

"Kings Canyon National Park - Even better than Ayers Rock!"

I know its hard to believe but many people, including myself, find a trip to the Watarrka National Park even more impressive than a trip to Ayers Rock. Why? The canyon is huge and really impressive and the walks are fabulous too.

So, if you are planning a trip to Visit Ayers Rock Australia then I strongly recommend you include a stop off here.

Located 300km southwest of Alice Springs along the sealed Stuart Highway and unsealed Ernest Giles Highway, this is a great destination for scenic walks, aboriginal culture and diverse fauna and flora.

The Kings Canyon Resort is a great place to stay and has a variety of accommodation on offer - from campsites to luxury hotel rooms.

History and Facts About the Kings Canyon

The Kings Canyon National Park is certainly impressive.

The Canyon has evolved over millions of years and was formed from jointing in the George Gill Ranges which caused fractures within the stand stone layers. As they cracked and fractured, large bolders were left on the surface while some fell into the newly formed revines.

The bolders left on the surface weathered over time to form beehive shapes and these are now known as the lost city. The bolders in the ravine and these actually help preserve water levels in times of drought.

The moist sandstone allows an array of beautiful flowers and fauna to grow. When it rains, there are over 600 pant species and at least 60 of these are rare or relics from the past.

The Lurtija Aboriginal group are said to have had generations of their people living on this land for over 20,000 years. The land was handed back to them in 1983 and today they have a strong voice in the management of the area.

Best Walks/Treks

Kings Canyon National Park has a variety of walks available:

The quick walk - Kings Creek Walk takes about an hour and is only 1.3km. It is suitable for families with prams or those in a wheelchair as the first 700m has a good path. The walk leads to a lovely vantage point.

Another good option for families or anyone disabled is the Kathleen Springs Walk which leads to a beautiful waterhole.

The best walk is the Kings Canyon 6km Walk (The Rim Walk.) It is however pretty tough going for the first part so only do this walk if you have a reasonable level of fitness and don't attempt this in the worst heat of the day. Best photography opportunities are after mid-day.

For the hardcore amongst you, try the Giles Track which is an overnight walk of 22km. You will need to contact the rangers for a map before attempting this one though.

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