Kalgoorlie WA

"Pan for Gold in Kalgoorlie WA, the biggest mine in Australia"

Kalgoorlie in wa is the place for you if you fancy an outback experience. Whilst the surrounding area has Australia's infamous rugged red desert landscape, Kalgoorlie itself is a vibrant town and worth a stop off for a few days if you are in the area!

It is most famous for its gold mining history and visitors can visit the largest gold mine in Australia right here in the town.

Where is Kalgoorlie WA?

It's not likely to be the sort of place you just pass - you really need to be on a wa road trip and want to see some of the outback to pass this gem!

It's nearly 600km East of Perth and 400km north of Esperance. It makes it a great stop off point and an interesting trip if you intend to visit Perth, The Margaret River and Esperance. From Esperance head north to Kalgoorlie wa and then head back to Perth for an awesome round trip. Esperance is one of my favourite beach places and features on my hidden gems page:

Australia Travel Tips.

Alternatively, this is a good place to stop for a trip between Adelaide and Perth.

There is an airport here but unless you are a mineral fanatic, I don't think its worth flying here just to see Kalgoorlie.

I'd also add on a little diversion and take in Leonora. It's another mining town with beautiful houses and old shops, 230km north of Kalgoorlie wa. They say the mines there are haunted.

Visit the Mining Hall of Fame Museum and Super Pit

Kalgoorlie wa is famous for its gold history so a visit to the mining museum is a must. A guided tour will take you nearly 40metres underground. You'll get to visit the tunnels and really understand what it must have been like to work in the mines

Learn about the kalgoorlie's gold rush history. Three irishman in the 1860's first found gold near the mine and shortly after that hundreds travelled great distances to try to do the same. Australia, as a result of the mine at Kalgoorlie, is the third largest gold supplier in the world.

You can pan for gold whilst you are here to see if you too can be lucky!!

The Super Pit is also worth a visit. There is a look out where you get to see the mine in all its glory. It's the biggest open pit gold mine in Australia and it really is huge. The viewing platform is open most days until 4pm.

Other Attractions in Kalgoorlie WA

This outback town has lots going on. In fact it feels more like a small city.

  • The architecture for a start is worth admiring and hints at the prosperous times this town must have had.
  • It also has over 25 pubs for you to try! There will be at least one that you will enjoy!
  • Did you know that Kalgoorlie is also famous for its legal whore houses? You can see them on Hall street.
  • There is a flying doctor museum at Kalgoorlie's airport too.

  • Where to Stay?

    Rydges hotel Kalgoorlie This hotel is quite business like and a bit of of the town so you would need a car. But it has great facilities and the rooms are really nice.

    Quest Yelverton Apartments This one is a good option if you prefer an apartment style. It tends to be frequented by business men more than tourist though.

    Kalgoorlie Overland Motel Still a bit out of town and more basic. But its clean and does the job!


    Prospector Holdiay Park cabins and caravans available for those on a tight budget

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