Kakadu National Park, Northern Territory

"Come here to see the best Birdlife"

Kakadu National Park is probably one of the most spectacular of the Australia National Parks

It is particularly large (it would cover half of Tasmania or the entire country of Isreal) and has over 260 species of birds, 60 different mammals and 1600 different plant species.

This is a great place to experience Aboriginal Australia. as aborigines have lived in these lands for thousands of years. It is rich in rock art and beautiful scenery.

This is most definitely crocodile country so head the signs saying NO SWIMMING!! It's more than likely you'll spot some on your travels through the park or on the cruise.

Getting here and when to come

The park is a good 3 hour drive from Darwin at the top of Australia.

This is the easiest place to fly to in order to access the national park. Click on the link above for full details.

It also means you need to come here in the dry season between May and October. I really wouldn't think about coming outside of this time as the roads can get very flooded.

You don't need a 4 WD to see the park and most hire car companies will exclude the 4WD tracks from your insurance anyway. There are lots of organised tours from Darwin if you prefer to see the park that way. Try Lords or Connections for the best tours. Click here for other options on Australian Travel Tours Given its size, you could easily spend a week here. Equally you can see a lot in just a couple of days if you are prepared to do some driving between the major sites.

What to see and do

Here are my highlights of what to do whilst you are here but watch the video which will really bring it to life for you:

  • Stop off at the Bowali Visitors Centre for information and ideas for walks etc. There's also an outdoor swimming pool here which is a good place to take a dip.
  • Visit Nourlangie Rock for views and aboriginal rock art - this is a must do. Great at sunset if you around then. Stop off at the look out point and rock shelter first though
  • The Guluyambi Cruise is a good alternative to the yellow river cruise (see below) as it involves a local aboriginal guide who shows you the sites
  • Or take the Yellow River Cruise to see the spectacular birdlife
  • I highly recommend taking the Animal Tracks half day Tour - departs Gagudju Lodge at 1pm. A chance to eat some bush tucker and really appreciate the national park. Book ahead
  • If you don't fancy the tour head further into the park to see Barramundi Gorge and Waterfall Creek which are beautiful (head in the direction of Pine Creek)
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    Where to stay

    There isn't loads of accommodation here in Kakadu but here are the best ones

  • Crocodile Gagudju Holiday Inn $230
  • Kakadu Culture Camp, Bowali Creek $160 tents with proper beds
  • Gagudju Lodge Cooinda $150
  • budget Kakadu Lodge and Caravan Park from $40

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