Travel Distances

"Get to know Australia and its size"

Flight times

Below is a table that shows travel distances in hours for flights between major cities.

Sometimes there are no direct flights. The table shows which city you would need to go via in order to reach your destination.

Flying is usually the best way to cover the sheer km involved.

Sydney Melbourne Brisbane Adelaide Perth Cairns Broome Hobart Darwin Alice Springs
Sydney 1hr 20 1hr 25 2hr15 4hrs10 3hrs10 5hr15 2hr10 4hr40 3hr15
Melbourne 1hr20   2hr10 1hr 10 4hrs10 3hr20 via Perth 1hr 15 via Sydney 2hr55
Brisbane 1hr25 2hr10   2hr50 5hr25 2hr15 8hr via Sydney 4hr10 via Sydney
Adelaide 2hr15 1hr10 2hr50   2hr40 via Sydney via Perth via Melb 3hr45 2hr10
Perth 4hr10 4hr10 5hr25 2hr40   via Syd /Ayers 2hr 25 via Sydney 4hr via Melb
Cairns 3hr10 3hr20 2hr15 via Sydney via syd/ayers   via sydney via Sydney 2hr30 2hr25
Broome 5hr15 via Perth 8hr via Perth 2hr 25 via Sydney   via Sydney 2hr25 via perth
Hobart 2hr10 1hr15 via Sydney via Melb via Sydney via Sydney via Sydney   via Melb via Melb
Darwin 4hr40 via Perth 4hr10 3hr45 4hr 2hr30 2hr25 via Melb   1hr55
Alice Springs 3hr15 2hr55 via Sydney 2hr10 via Melb 2hr25 via Perth via Melb 1hr55  

Travel by Road

Travel by car or campervan is a great way to see Australia. But given its sheer size, it's really important to grasp how far everything is.

A 1000km trip roughly takes 15 hours to drive.

The roads are generally good but there is a severe lack of motorways/freeways. At best the roads have 2 lanes, can be quite windy (particularly the coastal roads). It's best to take your time and enjoy the views.

Below shows travel distances between major cities in KM.

Adelaide Alice Springs Brisbane Broome Cairns Canberra Darwin Melbourne Perth Sydney
Alice Springs 1535
Brisbane 2055 3005
Broome 4240 2735 4660
Cairns 2965 2295 1700 3950
Canberra 1155 2520 1080 5185 2435
Darwin 3020 1490 3415 1860 2705 3940
Melbourne 725 2250 1660 4965 2935 660 3740
Perth 2690 3605 4340 2370 5250 3840 4015 3410
Sydney 1385 2750 955 5215 2400 285 3975 875 3910

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