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"Find Australian Island Getaways that are for you"

Trying to find a perfect island holiday in Australia?

Believe it or not, Australia has 8222 islands!! Now not all of them are worth visiting but there really are lots to choose from.

The following guide is aim to try an narrow your search. You can check out my page on Australian Islands too.

The more touristy options often have australia travel packages on offer and this can be cheaper than buying a flight and accommodation separately. For my recommendations of which travel agents to try see the page on Australia travel agents

The best Australian Island Getaways for Indulgence And Relaxation

  • Whitsundays Australia - Nothing beats a holiday on these tropical islands. There are plenty of different islands to choose from. Whilst they are all pricey, there are some that offer better value than others. Check out Hamilton Island Australia as a good option
  • Magnetic Island Australia - cheaper than the Whitsundays but still offers that tropical island feel. Don't get carried away though - it's still not what most of us would call cheap!
  • Lord Howe Island - tropical and pristinely beautiful with protected National Park and exquisite marine life. Be one of only 400 on this island at one time

  • Best Australian Island Getaways for Diving And Snorkelling

  • Green Island Australia - Right on the Great Barrier Reef, how could this not be a true favourite island for marine activities.
  • Whitsundays Australia The beautiful Coral Sea adjoins the Great Barrier Reef so in essence you are diving or snorkelling in the infamous Australian Great Barrier Reef
  • Lady Elliot Island Australia - an affordable island with great marine life right in the Great Barrier Reef.

  • Best Australian Island Getaways For The Family

  • Magnetic Island Australia - This is a small island that feels safe, has great beaches for the kids, you can even drive around in little "mokes" rather than cars and there is a range of accommodation available
  • Kangaroo Island Australia - The kids will love seeing all these animals in their natural habitat - Seals, penguins, Koalas and of course plenty of Kangaroos!
  • Hamilton Island Australia - officially part of the Whitsundays but is a semi affordable option for the family. There's a range of accommodation, great pools, beaches and a few shops to keep them entertained
  • Rottnest Island Perth - Just outside Perth, this is probably more of a day trip than a full holiday, although it could quite easily be. Get them on a bike exploring the beaches and wildlife

  • Best Australian Island Getaways For Nature

  • Kangaroo Island Australia - A walking zoo in pristine and uncrowded scenery - it really will blow you away.
  • Phillip Island Australia - Come see the infamous penguins on your drive between Sydney and Melbourne
  • Fraser Island Australia - Get back to nature with this island made entirely of sand. Stay on the beach under the stars.
  • Montague Island - A place to see seals, penguins and even whales at the right time of the year

  • Best Australian Island Getaways For Walking

  • Hinchinbrook Island - Famous for its 32km Thorsborne bushwalking trail up in tropical north Queensland
  • Tasmania Australia - A beautiful part of Australia that has heaps of great walking trails. The Bay of Fires is particularly amazing.
  • Maria Island Tasmania - Just off the East Coast of Tasmania, this island offers walking tours with amazing scenery.

  • Best Australian Island Getaways For Aboriginal Culture

  • Bathurst Island - A perfect place to visit for a day and see how the Tiwi Aboriginals live, eat and make their infamous paintings

  • Best Australian Islands For Food and Drink

  • Tasmania Australia - Come see for yourself but this place has fantastic wine (sparkling and pinot noir in particular) and some great restaurants
  • King Island Australia - a small island off the north of Tasmania and arguably produces the best brie and soft cheeses in Australia. A great place to visit if you love your cheese!

  • Most Affordable Islands

  • Magnetic Island Australia - Still not really cheap but certainly better value for money than the Whitsundays
  • Lady Elliot Island Australia - an affordable island to say its right on the Great Barrier Reef.

  • Top of Island Getaways

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