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  • One of the most interesting facts about Australia is that Hyams Beach in Jervis Bay (between Sydney and Melbourne) has been voted to have the whitest sand in the world. It certainly is one of my favourite beaches of all time and a great place for a stop off if you are fancying a road trip between Sydney and Melbourne
  • Tasmania is said to have the cleanest air and the cleanest rainwater in the world. Tasmania, Hawaii, and Antarctica have all stated a claim to the title but it seems Tasmania has pipped them to the post. That said, it does seem difficult to measure accurately especially as results change by season.
  • Australia is home to the longest straight railway line in the world. It is 478km long and starts in South Australia and goes across the Nillabar Plain. If you placed the average Ghan train back to back along the track you would need 670 Ghan trains!
  • The longest fence to keep our millions of sheep safe from the Dingoes is 5,531km running through central Queensland. That's the equivalent of 3,638 million dingoes lined up next to each other! Or you could place 2,525 million utes back to back!
  • If you lined up the 22 million people who live in Australia, you would be able to cover approx. 11,000 km. That's the same as a journey from Melbourne to Sydney to Perth and all the way back again!

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