Hinchinbrook Island

"Hinchinbrook Island - Come Experience a breath taking bush trek!"

This island is the one for you if you like Australia National Parks and walking. It is famous for its 32km Thorsborne bushwalking trail. This is only for the experienced walker as the trail is pretty challenging. You need at least 3 days here to enjoy it but you can certainly just come for a day trip.

Booking ahead is essential for Hitchinbrook island getaways as the walk only allows 40 people at a time, with strict adherence to "no trace camping"

How To Get To This Island

The access point is south of Cairns at Cardwell (just south of Mission Beach so about 3 hours from Cairns). A boat transfer will get you here from Cardwell.

Given its proximity to Cairns, it's in the tropical north of Queensland so the best time to come is during the dry season - May to September would be best.

The area was hit by a cyclone in Feb 2011 and some of the walking trails are still be assessed for damage. If you plan to travel here in the next few months, please check with the National Park before booking anything!

What To Do on Hinchinbrook Island?

The big draw card is the Thorsborne walking trail or smaller walks but there really isn't much else here!

It takes 3 days to complete the full trek.

Whilst the distances to cover each day are OK, it is the heat that makes this a difficult treck. There are areas where there is little shade and the sun in this part of Australia is hot, humid and quite frankly relentless.

The other watch out is to be sensible when it comes to crossing some of the rivers - they can get very deep depending on rain fall, so turning back or waiting for a lower tide is more advisable.

Oh and did I mention crocodiles live in the nearby estuaries??

Other than that, this is a great trek!

Where To Stay

Along the trail you'll find designated camping areas.

Then you'll find The wilderness lodge which is a great place to end your trail. This is an eco lodge and is beautiful. Prices start at $295 but the treetop bungalows are the best at $395. I have heard its getting a bit tired now though and that it lacks facilities - you've got to really love bush walking!

There is also accommodation on the mainland at Cardwell - Try Mud Brick Manor or

Inspirations Resort if you fancy the swimming pool as well as the water views

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