Hamilton Island Australia

"Relax, Unwind and Enjoy the Views!!"

If you are considering a trip to Hamilton Island Australia, you won't be disappointed. This is "tropical island paradise" at its best. It's the biggest of the inhabited Whitsundays Islands which means there is more to do here than the over Whitsunday Islands. That, plus the cheaper price tag, is probably the biggest draw card for Hamilton Island Australia.

When is the Best Time to Visit Hamilton Island Australia?

Given its location, off the coast of North Queensland, its best to visit the Whitsundays during the official dry season between May and October.

But, we recently went in February when the rain is supposed to be at its worst and we had several days of glorious sunshine. I certainly wouldn't rule out the other times of year. Usually there is a big down pour and then the beautiful weather resumes.

The only other consideration is "stinger season" There are certain times of the year, particularly out of season, when there are more jelly fish. You can get round this by wearing a stinger suite. Again, we were there in February and there were people swimming in the sea without protection. I personally wouldn't take the risk. Check out the page on the

Blue Ring Octopus

Whenever you go, expect it to feel hot and humid. If you fancy relaxing with a book or hearing the sea gently lap as you laze on the beach, then this could be the right one of the Australian Islands just for you- any time of the year.

Getting Here

The great thing about Hamilton Island Australia is that you can now fly directly here on Jet Star or Virgin Blue. Both these operators have regular sales to Hamilton Island during the "rainy season" to encourage travellers to visit out of season.

If you are doing an East Coast Australia road trip, then you can get a boat from Arlie Beach on the main land of Australia. Arlie Beach itself is still much further north than Noosa but not quite as far as Carins. A road trip this far north is a long way from Birsbane and Sydney!


The island itself is still 7km in length so walking from one end to the other every day would be a bit much. There are no cars allowed on the island.

Some apartments come with a golf buggy included. These are a great way to see the island and get around. Please treat them with respect though - we saw at least two accidents whilst we were there due to people treating them like a toy.

You can hire a buggy but be warned - THEY ARE VERY EXPENSIVE. There is a free bus service around the island which was always very regular and comfortable.

What to do and See on Hamilton Island

The beauty of Hamilton Island Australia is that there are a few things you can do. Most of the other islands in the Whitsundays are extremely small with only one resort. This means that the entertainment is rather limited to water sports, relaxing on the beach or in the swimming pool.

Hamilton Island whilst still relatively small (7km in length and smaller in width) offers a wide selection of restaurants, swimming pools, accommodation, day trips, water sports and more. If you're the sort of person who needs more than just lying on a beach, then this could be the resort for you.

One other thing worthy of note is that you can usually use most of the swimming pools around the island with the exception of privately owned villas and some of the higher end resorts.

It does attract a few more families due to its long list of activities and child care facilities. But it has a nightclub that opens at the weekends so there is a younger set on the island too. In fact, there is a real mix of ages.

Here are some of the best things you can do on Hamilton:

Boat trips to see more of the Whitsundays and of course the infamous Whitehaven Beach (see the page on best

Australian Beaches

  • Take a Fishing Charter and catch some really large fish!
  • Sea Kayaking or Jetski tours
  • Learn to Dive
  • Quad Bike Tours
  • Visit the Koala Gallery - see other Aussie animals including Dingoes and Kangaroos
  • Deep Water Turtle Chase - see the Turtles up close and personal
  • Attend Keep Fit Classes throughout the day including Aqua Aerobics
  • Go up to the lookout and enjoy cocktails at sunset - not to be missed
  • Mini Golf or a full golf course on the adjacent island - short ferry ride across

  • Where to stay

    Whilst Hamilton Island is still one of the cheapest of the Whitsundays Islands, expect it to be expensive still. For a decent 2 bedroom apartment, you can expect to pay $350- $400 AUD per night.

    There are cheaper alternatives and there are also some beautiful villas that can cost you more like $800 per night - there is something for most peoples budgets

    The best places to stay are either near the Marina or near the Beach. If you are in walking distance to either of these, you could get away with not having a buggy and relying on the local bus service.

    There are some very new and expensive villas on the far side of the island. That means there is a very large hill between you and the marina and beach so make sure you have a buggy. Or be prepared to rely on the bus service.

    Here are a few options for you to consider:

    li>Reef view hotel – from $300 (best views are level 5 and above) This is quite a big hotel right opposite the beach.

  • Palm Bungalows - $325. Accommodation is quite good in a central location, but the views aren't particularly special.
  • Hamilton Island Holiday Homess – from $320 in a variety of locations
  • We found a 2 bed apartment through whitsundayholidays.com. We stayed in a small apartment block with its own pool. The block was a bit old but the apartment itself had been totally renovated and had nice views over looking the beach and water.

  • Where to Eat

    There's nothing cheap about eating out in Hamilton Island Australia The cheapest restaurant in Hamilton Island Australia, Manta Ray, which has a lovely view over the marina has great pizza and pasta but is still $28 for a pizza!

    There is a small supermarket which has a great range of products but the meat selection was fairly average.

    The ice-cream parlour and the bakery for fresh bread and sandwiches are always popular choices in the day too.

    The best restaurants on the island if you fancy splashing out are:-

    Hamilton Island Yacht Club - brand new and has great food and views

    Romanos Italian - overlooking the harbour, not a pizza in sight. A sophisticated Italian experience.

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