Great Barrier Reef Pictures

"Great Barrier Reef Pictures - Simply Stunning!"

Here are a collection of my favourite Great Barrier Reef photos - taking pictures underwater is tricky but its great to have a memory of your visit.

You really have a great opportunity to see some beautiful coral and unusual fish.

By far, my favourite is the array of brightly coloured tropical fish which still continue to blow me away every time I go. Do you have your own favourite?

Clownfish are seen regularly on the reef and have clearly become popular with adults and kids alike following the success of the film Nemo which is set on the Great Barrier Reef

Seeing the reef from the air is an awesome experience - you start to get an appreciation of its size and the fact that it is made up of lots of small reefs, just like you can see in this picture.

You are lucky if you get to see one of the 6 species of sea turtles on the Great Barrier Reef but sitings are common. They really are very large and take your breath away when you see one.

Another beautiful animal found on the Great barrier Reef is the Cuttle Fish. Easy to spot with its strange looking face!

This fish looks so bright against the blue background- simply stunning!

Porcelain Crab - easy to miss amongst the beautiful coral.

This picture is sadly the reality of what is happening to the coral on the Great Barrier Reef. It shows a bleached coral which is the impact of global warming. It means that the coral is probably dead which has a knock on impact to the fish and other species living off the coral.

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