Great Barrier Reef Location

"Great Barrier Reef location - Where to find this natural wonder!"

Most people know that the Great Barrier Reef is in Australia - but where?

It runs along the east coast of Australia along the coastline of Queensland and covers over 2000km.

In the south it starts near Torres Islands (near Lady Elliot Island Australia) and goes all the way down to Fraser island Australia

The map below is a good way to understand its exact location:

Map of Great Barrier Reef

Best Access Points

The Great Barrier Reef is not however easily accessible from the coast of Queensland - you can't just race into the water and expect to be able to see the coral and fish.

Unfortunately it is still a fair way of the shore line which can mean up to a 6-8 hour boat trip out to the reef. There are points however where the reef gets closer to the shore line and therefore becomes more accessible. These have become the tourist hubs for the Great Barrier Reef with access being about 1.5 hours by boat:

Cairns Australia - the tourist hub but for me it's a bit too touristy and tacky

Port Douglas - a bit more upmarket than Cairns, smaller, great restaurants and resort style accommodation on the whole.

Whitsundays Australia - think tropical islands and you won't be far wrong. Beautiful but on the whole, expensive!

All of the above destinations are best visited between May and October. You can visit outside this but expect storms and heavy rain which can dramatically reduce visibility of the reef.

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