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The Reef is THE place in Australia that most tourists want to visit and why not? It is spectacular, the largest reef in the entire world with plenty of fish and coral to look at!

This page intends to give you some key fact and more information on what you can expect to see.

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Great Barrier Reef Facts

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Great Barrier Reef Info - Did You Know?.....

  • The best time to visit is during the dry season - May to October
  • Stinger Season is during the summer months of October to March - this is when you need to where a special suit to avoid being stung by jellyfish
  • Visibility will very much depend on the weather - during the summer months of November to March it can be very stormy with lots of rain which dramatically reduces visibility
  • Cairns Australia is the main tourist hub for seeing the Great Barrier Reef even though the reef stretches for 2,400km along the East coast of Australia. This is because at this point the reef is nearest the shore line than at any other point making access easier (still 1.5 hours by boat though
  • Most trips involve going to a pontoon situated in the middle of the ocean right on the reef but you can get more private excursion particularly if you intend to dive

  • What You Can Expect To See

    With over 1500 fish on the reef and over 350 different types of coral you really will be spoiled for choice!

    Clown Fish (think Nemo) Blue Gropers, red bass and coral trout are fairly common but you are unlikely to see a shark so don't worry yourself! Generally the fish are really colourful and are everywhere!

    If you are lucky you may get to see one of the 6 species of sea turtles that live on the reef.

    The Coral can be very sharp so watch your footing. The colours can look a little less colourful than you may be expecting. This is because you are underwater and white light is therefore not present. Special lights are used to capture the photos and the TV shows you have seen - It's why night diving is so dramatic.

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