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"Best Ideas for Girls Weekend Getaways!"

There's nothing quite like a girls weekend away is there? Whether you are looking for a relaxing break or something more adventurous, this page is filled with good ideas for those weekend escapes with your nearest and dearest.

Shop Til You Drop Girls Weekend Getaways

I don't know about you, but shopping on your own, or worst still, shopping with your partner, just doesn't cut it! I normally end up taking the stuff back as I've picked something in a hurry, noticing that my hubby has lost the will to live!

So, one of the most perfect girls weekend getaways or girls weekend away is a shopping trip. Whilst Sydney has some great shops, I just don't think you can beat Melbourne. It has a great selection of boutique shops, factory outlets as well as the chains you know and love. Meandering down the lanes, discovering shops as you go, is just dare I say it, exciting!.

Or you can have someone carry your bags and show you the best places to grab a bargain. Check out my page on Melbourne Shopping for more details.

If you live in Melbourne and are looking for a change then Sydney is certainly still a good option. Check out my page on Sydney Shopping and don't miss the lovely Paddington Market on Saturdays til about 3.30pm.

You can spend your days shopping and then pick either some interesting bars or beautiful restaurant to show off your new purchases.

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Spa Girls Weekend Getaways

If relaxing and rejuvenating is more what you had in mind for your girls weekend away, then consider a retreat to a health spa.

You have 2 options - book yourselves in for the whole weekend, or book accommodation nearby and go to the spa for a day.

There's usually plenty of downtime at these places so there are lots of opportunities to catch up with your friends. Most don't insist on detoxing whilst you are there either (but do check this if you will want to enjoy a few drinks!)

For the best spas in Australia go to Weekend Spa Getaways

Yoga Retreats

Satyananda Yoga Retreats operate two retreats - the first is 90 minutes from Sydney and the second is in the picturesque town of Daylesford, just outside of Melbourne.

This is a great place to come with the girls provided that you really want to learn to meditate or learn to practice yoga, as it is fairly serious. It's not all yoga yoga yoga, you get time to explore the walking tracks, cycle paths and lovely grounds around the Ashram.

Honey Eater Ridge in the gorgeous Margaret River offers weekend retreats, each weekend being slightly different, depending on the teacher. A lovely place and ideally located close to all the beaches of the Check out my pages on Margaret River

Another option is Samudra, Dunsborough in WA that offer retreats most weekends.

In South Australia, Adelaide Ashtanga yoga orgainises yoga retreats at least once a quarter. Keep an eye out on their website for their latest venue.

In Queensland, try Yoga and Meditation Brisbane, who organise retreats to the Gold Coast Hinterland in Springbrook.

A yoga retreat is a truly wonderful and sometimes spiritual experience and is ideal for girls who lead hectic lives and need some serious downtime and reflection time.

If you fancy something more energetic, how about combining it with surfing?? The Australian Women's Yoga and Surf Camps are run by women for women and operate down the east coast of Australia. Your weekend includes surfing tuition and yoga.

Girls Weekend Getaways - Murder Mystery Night

Why not have some fun and organise a murder mystery night as part of your girls weekend getaway.

You can stay wherever you like - a grilfriend's house or hire a cottage in a beautiful location (see my other pages for ideas on where to stay

All you need to do is buy one of these game sets online (make sure it is one for all females), send out the invitations to all your girlfriends prior, so they can get an outfit together and have a Saturday night in with plenty of laughter (particularly if the alcohol is flowing)

You can come up with some great places to go away for the weekend by reviewing my other pages. Start at Best Weekend Getaways

Girls Weekend Getaways - When You Want To Party

You can't possibly ignore The Gold Coast as an awesome destination for some serious girl fun. This is THE party town and anything goes.

There's plenty of great bars by night and of course great beaches by day. You can laze around checking out the talent on offer by the many surfers.

For more info on The Gold Coast, see Gold Coast Holidays

Girls Weekend Getaways With Wine

There's nothing like a girls weekend away when the alcohol is free flowing! Do it in style by treating yourself to a wine tour.

There are plenty of wine regions in Australia to explore. You could stay close to home or try a new area.

My pick would be to fly into Adelaide and enjoy the 3 lovely Adelaide Wine Regions Get yourself on and find yourself a lovely cottage or house in the Barossa Valley for example.

Then seek out a tour that takes your fancy.

See below for some tour ideas:

Tours in the Barossa Valley .

Destinations for Girls Weekend Getaways

Ever heard of the expression, it's not where you are it's who you are with? Well I think that certainly rings true when you are with the girls.

So, I'd suggest somewhere that is only a drive away from where you live. You can check out my other pages to find some suitable suggestions - Start at Best Weekend Getaways

But classic destinations include The Blue Mountains or Kangaroo Valley from Sydney; Mornington Peninsula or Daylesford from Melbourne; The Sunshine Coast (Noosa) from Brisbane or The Gold Coast Hinterland; Margaret River from Perth; Port Adelaide or Wine Regions from Adelaide.

If you can afford it, then jet off to another city and explore their weekend getaway places rather than just sticking to the city.I.e. Fly to the Gold Coast but stay in the Hinterland.

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