Walk From Watsons Bay

Walk From Watsons Bay - This foreshore coastal walk takes in some breathtaking views of the Sydney city skyline, plus there are plenty of places to stop for a swim or soak up the atmosphere in some great cafes.

Where To Start Your Walk

This walk takes about 3 hours to complete without any stop offs. It's a fairly easy flat walk through grassy trails, neighbourhood streets and pathways near the ocean. Now and again the terrain is a little rocky and there is one set of steps near a bridge. I probably wouldn't recommend taking a stroller/pram with you as some of the grassy terrains are narrow and would be too difficult.

The walk goes from Watsons Bay to Strickland House in Vaucluse. You can certainly start your walk from Watsons Bay but my preference is to complete it the other way round. Start at Strickland House and finish at Watsons Bay. That way you get to finish with some award winning fish and chips. The transport connections are also much better from here too - with buses (380) and the ferry both running from Watsons Bay. There are also plenty of places to wait in comfort for the next ferry (not that regular and the service finishes fairly early so check timetable first) or bus.

So, I will start this walk From Strickland House: To get here you need to get the 325 bus which stops right outside the gates. You can get on at Circular Quay (current timetable has it departing every half hour at 2 minutes and 32 minutes past the hour) You could also get on it at Martins Place a few minutes later than these times.

Strickland House

Take the path down to Strickland House. This used to be a convalescence hospital and now the grounds are open to the public. It offers fab views over the city and entrance to one of the local's best kept secrets - Milk Beach (pictured above,) which is a small, often deserted harbour beach with lovely views of the Sydney skyline. This is one place to have a dip if you fancy (but there are plenty more along the way too)

You should be able to see the entrance to the Foreshore Walk - it is a little hidden as the grassy path is a little overgrown and doesn't look to go anywhere.

Nielsen Park And Shark Bay

The path winds its way around the coastline, offering some lovely ocean and city glimpses as you go. Before too long you will come to Nielsen Park that has a nice grassy area and a lovely beach. Don't be put off by its name - Shark Bay. There are shark nets to make sure it is safe to swim but there haven't been any sitings in this area for a very long time. This is certainly one of the best spots to stop off and enjoy a swim. The cafe here is also worth a visit for a coffee and cake or something more substantial. A nice spot to watch the world go by.

Vaucluse House

Just behind Nielsen Park on the other side of the road is Vaucluse House. (follow Coolong Road to the Wentworth Road.) We enjoyed taking a stroll around the grounds and paying a small entry fee to look around the house. Vaucluse House is the family home of William Charles and Sarah Wentworth from 1827 until 1880. The rooms have been preserved nicely.

Parsley Bay

Now it's time to enjoy some of the houses and rich suburb of Vaucluse by follow Wentworth Road, turning right into Fitzwilliam Road, and left at the public walkway next to No 43 A. The median house price for Vaucluse is $2.8m and as you walk down these streets you'll certainly see many way above this price!You'll also notice that money doesn't always buy taste!

Parsley Bay is a lovely little bay with a great play area for kids and a good swimming beach (no waves so easy to get in and out of) I did think the water looked a bit dirty last time we were there and did prefer to wait for my dip at Watson's Bay. The  path takes you to the cute bridge too.

From here you want to follow the path at the suspension bridge that leads to the street called The Crescent. This then turns into Hopetoun Avenue, then turned left down Palmerston Street (near Watsons Bay sign)

Watsons Bay

You'll first come across Robertson Park, which is a great place to have a picnic or better still your Doyles Fish and Chips. On your approach, you'll see Dunbar House. This lovely house is now a restaurant but has had many different uses over the years, including a variety of hotels, council chambers and even a zoo!

The views from Watsons Bay are probably what I love the most. The boats bobbing on the water and the city skyline in the background. There is a better beach than the the one right on the front near Doyles. Follow the path passed Doyles restaurant, up a few steps and down the picturesque street. You'll then come to another beach (just keep following the roads parallel to the water (road turns off to your left called Pacific Street)

There are also some significant historical sites to see from Watsons Bay, here at Green Point and Camp Cove where, Governor Phillip first landed in 1788. He was the first governor of NSW, landing with the first convicts, to set up the penal colony.

From here you can wander back to Robertson's Park where the ferry or bus departs. Or you can carry on exploring Watsons Bay and follow the road back to Gap Road where the coastal walk starts. You can take a path that hugs the ocean side of Watsons Bay along to the light houses.

Personally, I've had enough walking by the time I get to Camp Cove and Green Point Reserve. This is my favourite place to swim too along the route.

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