Freycinet Tasmania

"Freycinet Tasmania - Probably the most photographed National Park in Tazzie!"

Whilst this area is best known for Wine Glass Bay Tasmania , Freycinet National Park has more to offer.

You'll find an array of white sandy beaches set against a back drop of pink granite mountains - very inviting indeed and of the the finest Australia National Parks on offer!

The park is named after its highest peak Mount Freycinet and the name originates from an officer on a french ship back in the early 1800's

This is one of those things that you have to tick off your to do list - Wine Glass Bay is a must!

How Long to Visit Freycinet Tasmania?

The beauty of this place means you'll probably want to spend more time than you first planned! That said, all of Tasmania is stunning and if you are on a mission to see as much of it as possible, then you can limit your time here too.

We did a day trip from Hobart and so didn't stay over. It's quite a bit of driving to and from Hobart in a day which leaves you just enough time to walk to the lookout and see wine glass bay and then drive up to the lighthouse, take a stroll around there and admire the views.

You could however stay longer and do one of the many walks that are on offer (see below).

Unless this is a day trip, I'd maybe consider spending a night around Freycinet. There isn't much in terms of accommodation (see section below) so you would have to stay on the outskirts of the park anyway.

Key Things To Do In Freycinet Tasmania

If you love walking then you should definitely spend more time here. The first two are a must for anyone visiting the area as these offer the best views of Wine Glass Bay.

  • The walk to the Wine Glass Bay look out is approx 1 hour. It's pretty easy apart from the last bit where there are a few steps and a hill
  • The stroll around Cape Tourville (the lighthouse) -about 15 mins and you can pretty much drive right up to it. I really enjoyed the views and the walk is hardly a walk!

    If you have more time:

  • Walk to Hazards Beach - this is the beach that you see from the lookout and it does look very inviting. It's a 2 hour walk though so probably not possible if you are planning to do Freycinet as a day trip from Hobart but good if you are planning an overnight stay.
  • Two day walking trek around Freycinet is meant to be a good walk. It takes in the lookout and Hazards Beach and then carries on taking in more great beaches. There were no huts when my friends did it though so they had to carry a tent to then camp in the designated areas. They may have since built huts

    There are companies that do guided tours that may include carrying your equipment etc. They definitely have their own huts - it tends to be a 3 day trek with 2 overnight stays. Cost is about $900. Try for more details.

    Where To Stay in Freycinet Tasmania

    As already mentioned, there isn't much actually in Freycinet Tasmania unless you are willing to camp.

    Even then, you need to book, especially in the peak December/January period. There is even a ballot as numbers get extremely busy. It's the same for Easter as well Outside of these times they generally don't let you book so you have to turn up and hope for the best.

    Facilities are basic with cold showers!

    If camping isn't your thing, then I'd stay in either Coles Bay village or Bicheno. Both are small so accommodation is fairly limited. I personally prefer Bicheno but both offer something for the visitor!

    The best place to stay in Coles Bay is definitely Saffire but its certainly not cheap. We are talking big bucks!! The backdrop is stunning, the staff are extremely attentive and the food is good (price includes food)

    Edge of the Bay - Coles Bay. Probably in more people's price range and still gets good reviews in terms of views, activities available (tennis court and bikes), rooms and staff.

    Windows on Bicheno - a delightful B&B with great views and a little balcony from which to admire. Dora the lady who runs this place is very helpful and has thought of every detail. This is a 5 star B&B

    Tidelines of Bicheno is another B&B with good views and nice staff

    The motels here are OK but are getting a little rundown. It's hard for me to recommend one in particular it would be Wintersun Garden Motel.

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