Fraser Island Australia

"My best long weekend away"

Fraser Island Australia is amazing! We had the most fantstic long weekend here with friends. Fraser Island is one of the most unique Australian Islandsas it is entirely made of sand. It is 123km long and 22km wide. There a long stretches of sandy beaches, rainforests (the only one in the world where the trees grow out of the sand to such heights,) and stunning fresh water lakes.

The fun is that you get to drive a 4WD along the beaches and sandy paths through the rainforest and it is one of the best Australia National Parks too. The other fun bit is that you can camp on sections of the beach. You really are at one with nature. Now I’m no camper, but for one night, anyone can do it!

Getting here and when to come

Fraser Island Australia is on the East coast of Australia in Queensland. The best access point is at Hervey Bay. From here you can get a small vehicle barge from Urangan harbour over to Fraser Island which takes about half an hour.

Hervey Bay has its own airport and you can get cheap flights here.

The alternative is to fly into Brisbane and take a 3.5 hour drive to Rainbow beach where you can get a vehicle barge from Inskip point across to Fraser island.

You also need a permit to camp and enter the island. This can be purchased when you buy your barge ticket.

Best time to come is during the summer. It can get very hot here though and the shade is pretty limited on the beach. I'd recommend coming in late October, November, or February. Avoid March as there are some serious flies around at that time and it would just ruin your trip.

Getting Around

I’d probably hire a 4WD for a couple of days with someone who will lend you all the camping gear. They show you a safety video and teach you how to use the 4WD controls. They also talk through what to do if you get stuck in the sand. It’s not for the faint hearted though.

It is easy to get stuck but there’s always some friendly tourist who will stop and help. The hardest driving is through the rainforest which is unfortunately as soon as you get off the barge. It’s slow going for at least 10km. When you get to the main strip of sandy beach (75 mile beach,) driving is much easier.

You just need to watch the tide as otherwise you can get stranded. The tide comes up and then there isn’t enough beach to drive on. You then have to wait for the tide to go back in again. Eli Creek is particularly bad as this is a small river that becomes a big river when the tide starts to come in. Don’t worry too much about this though as they take you through all this as part of the safety video.

You can easily do an organised day trip to Fraser Island Australia from Noosa or Hervey Bay, if you are short of time, but if you can, spend at least one night on Fraser Island Australia and do a self drive. It will be like nothing you have experienced before!

What to see and do

Make your way to 75km beach and head north

  • Stop off at the Maheno shipwreck
  • Head up to Indian Heads and take a walk up to the cliffs. You can usually see marine life down below. You may even see some sharks. (Waddy Point)
  • I wouldn’t bother going any further unless you are into lighthouses.
  • Leave plenty of time to relax and bathe at Lake Mckenzie which is in the rainforest section of Fraser Island Australia. You can’t camp here anymore unfortunately.I'd spend night 2 staying in the rainforest. That way you can get up and head straight to Lake Mackenzie without having to wait for the tides (if you stayed on the beach)
  • Lake Wabby is also worth a look but is a bit of a disappointment after McKenzie (Lake Mckenzie pictured below).

  • Where to stay

    You can camp directly on the beach at fraser island Australia. But you can't camp just anywhere. There are designated spots where you can camp on Fraser Island Australia. There are literally no facilities here though so it's just you, your tent and the stars.

    Watch out for mosquitoes though - cover yourself in repellent well before sunset and keep re-applying. There are even huge flies that some how managed to bite us.

    If I were to to Fraser Island Australia again, I’d do one night out on the beach and then I’d probably opt for a second night in a proper campsite in the rainforest at Central Railway (picutred below). They have great toilets, showers and washing facilities.

    If that sounds all too much then you can stay at the Kingfisher resort or Eurong Beach Resort for some home comforts. They also run tours from here too in case you’d rather not drive yourself.

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