Federation Square

"Federation Square - the Central Hub and Pulse of Melbourne!"

This really is THE meeting place in Melbourne and what a wonderful spot it is too. It has wonderful views over the Yarra River and is a very central spot in the heart of this awesome city.

What To See And Do in Federation Square

The key thing about Federation Square is to soak up the atmosphere! It is always a hub of activity and you can guarantee there will be something going on here.

This is where Melbourne congregates to watch the fireworks on New Years Eve. I was there recently for the Australian Open Tennis Final and there were deck chairs galore with a big screen as the crowd enjoyed the game. I guarantee that as part of your visit there will be a new exhibition, new event going on right in the square.

For those visiting Melbourne for the first time, this is a great place to start your trip as there is a great Melbourne Visitor Centre here. You can get maps, advice and ideas for your trip - not that you'll need it if you've read my website!!

The second key thing is the ARTS AND CULTURE

Visit the following:

  • Ian Potter Centre NGV Australia

    This is the place to come if you fancy seeing some Australian Art - In Fact there are over 25,000 pieces to explore from traditional paintings to jewellery to textiles to sculptures.

    A good place to see some Aboriginal Art and history too.

  • ACMI (The Australian Centre for Moving Image)

    Voted a great tourist attraction ans is one of the most visited tourist attractions in Melbourne, this is a great place to visit (especially if its a rainy day)

    Here you get to experience a century or film as well as the latest computer games in high tech studios, galleries and cinema theatres.

  • Fracture Gallery

    This is located in the Atrium within Federation Square. The Atrium is really interesting to look at. It has 2 glass walls with fractured glass - very unusual. Here the Gallery features new artists from around the globe.

  • NGV Kids Corner

    A great space for families with kids. The area changes regularly and is interactive and fun

  • And if that's all too much then just enjoy some down time and have


    The main bar in Fed Square is called Transport and its a vibrant hub of activity and architectually interesting. A great place to mix with the locals and meet some fellow travellers.

    In the same complex you'll find Taxi Dining Rooms which is a fairly pricey but very good restaurant offering lovely views of the Yarra and the Transit Cocktail Lounge is also a more civilised place to enjoy a drink.

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