Famous Australian Beaches

"The most famous Australian Beaches!"

Given its long coastline, it's no wonder that Australia has some famous beaches. There are several well known beaches but which is the most famous is fairly subjective - there hasn't been an official vote or anything!

Below you'll find a list of great beaches which are certainly up for a prize based on

  • How well known they are by Australians
  • How well known they are Internationally

  • Bondi Beach Australia

    Arguably the most famous of all the Australian beaches, this beach brings in the crowds and is easy to get to - it's about 20 minutes from the centre of Sydney.

    Quintessentially Australian with great surf, plenty of sand, lots of beautiful people to admire and plenty of party places behind the beach to enjoy.

    Find out more here:

    Bondi Beach Australia

    Bells Beach

    If anyone is into surfing then this is the most famous place in Australia to surf.

    It is lucky enough to be on the Great Ocean Drive just outside of Melbourne. This is a stunning coastal drive where the road clings to the coast nearly all the way.

    Bells Beach itself is where the Rip Curl Pro surf competition is held every Easter. It attract some of the best surfers from around the globe. It's always a great event with plenty going on in and out of the water. 2011 marks the 50th anniversary of the event.

    Botany Bay

    Hardly the place you head to for an amazing beach, but this beach is famous for other reasons!

    This is the first landing point of Captain Cook. On the 29th April 1770, Captain Cook landed in Australia for the first time in his boat The Endeavour. From here he planned the first penal colony which was built at Sydney Cove (where Circular quay and the Rocks are now)

    If you want to learn more about the history of Australia then there is a small museum here and a nice walk along the coastline with a couple of memorials to Cook along the way. It's a bit tricky getting here without a car though as its quite a way from the city - not far from the airport.

    Monkey Mia

    Situated on the West Coast of Australia, Monkey Mia is another of the famous Australian Beaches. It gets if fame from the dolphins that come right up to the shore line every day!

    Whilst its become very touristy, it is still pretty magical being able to see dolphins up close and personal.

    Find out more by going to Monkey Mia

    Whitehaven Beach

    Ask anyone who has been to the Whitsundays Australia and they will tell you that you just have to go to Whitehaven Beach.

    It appears on the Qantas "I still call Australia Home" infamous commercial (see below) which features some of the most iconic sites in Australia.

    Whilst Whitehaven is not as well known as Bondi Beach, I still think this should win most beautiful famous beach!

    For more details go to Whitehaven Beach

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