Facts of Sydney Australia

"Facts of Sydney Australia - Find out some querky facts about this great city!"

Sydney is now my home and I love it! We all know that Sydney was the site of the first European colony, established in 1788 but what else should we know?

Below you will find a collection of random and different facts about Sydney Australia.

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A collection of facts of Sydney Australia in no particular order:

  • The Harbour Bridge is known by the locals as "The Coat Hanger" due to its distinct shape
  • Sydney has the the deepest natural harbour with 504 mega litres
  • It is the most densely populated city in Australia with 4.5m people living here - that's 20% of the entire population of Australia. Compare that to London which is equivalent to 11% of the total population of the UK and New York at 6% of the total population of the US
  • It has been deemed the most expensive place to live in Australia - but hey the beaches, nightlife and harbour make up for that!
  • Sydney's oldest pub is in the Rocks and called "Fortune of War. It was established in 1828 and still has pictures of the first fleet landing on its walls
  • The Harbour Bridge is the 4th largest single span steel arch bridge in the world
  • 233 designs were submitted for the Opera House design competition in 1956
  • The original estimate to build the opera house was $7m. It ended up costing $102m!
  • There are 1,056,006 tiles on those famous sales of the Opera House
  • 40,000 people descend on Bondi Beach on Christmas Day to celebrate. They are usually backpackers and what we call "orphans" - i.e. travellers away from home at Christmas. These days crowds are smaller as alcohol has been banned from the key beaches over Christmas - it was all starting to get out of hand!
  • McKell Beach at Darling Point is the smallest beach in Sydney, accessible only by boat at low tide. It is the playground to the rich and famous who don't take too kindly to anyone stepping foot on their "private beach" - which it is not! It's just their apartments lead straight onto the beach.
  • Sydney is in the Guiness book of Records for producing the longest line of pizzas in Leichardt, the Italian quarter. The pizzas smelled delicious and stretched 221m.
  • Sydney also produced the largest burger at Ambrosia Cafe at the Spot in Randwick - now that is BIG!
  • Heaps of famous people live in Sydney or have houses here. The two most well known are probably Nicole Kidman and Russel Crowe

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