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"Facts About Australia - Learn something new today!"

Below are a collection of querky facts about Australia that you probably don't know, focusing on "the oldest" "the biggest" and "the smallest"...

It always makes me laugh when I discover these facts through my travels across Australia, especially when it comes to "the oldest ....in Australia" The country is still so young compared to the UK and Europe that their oldest things tend still to seem so new. Don't forget to check out my other pages for more unusual and fun facts...

Let me know if you have any good ones to add to this list that you have discovered when travelling Australia.

Facts About Australia - "Oldest"

Tasmania is home to a couple of oldest things in Australia:

The World's oldest clonal tree is in Lake Johnston Nature Reserve near Rosebery in North West Tasmania. It is a Huon Pine and is over 10,500 years old.

(A clonal tree is a tree that can or has cloned itself through a process called layering or vegetative cloning. Layering is when a branch comes in contact with the earth and sprouts new roots. )

The oldest bridge in Australia that is still in use is Richmond Bridge and it was built in 1823.

There is massive debate about the oldest pub in Australia as many say it should be a pub in the Rocks Sydney. The Tasmania's Bush Inn in New Norfolk can claim the oldest continuously licensed pub in Australia.

The Hope and Anchor Tavern in Hobart would like to give Sydney a run for its money on the oldest, dating back to July 2 1807.

Sadly the oldest man in Australia dies in March 2011. He lived to be 110 and was the last surviving world war one veteran. His name was Claude Chowles

  • The oldest home in Australia is Cleveland House in Surry Hills, Sydney. It predates Cadmans cottage in the rocks being built in 1823-1824.

  • Facts About Australia - " Biggest"

    Well we certainly can claim the biggest black Opal as coming from Australia (95% of the worlds black opals come from Australia)

    The biggest desert in Australia is the Great Victoria Desert and is approximately 420,000 square km in size. That puts it firmly in the top 5 largest deserts in the world and it would take you several days to cross it if you really really wanted to!

    The biggest river in Australia is the Murray River , with a total length of about 2375km. But the Fitzroy River could be classed as Australia's biggest river as it is the largest in terms of its volume.

    The tallest mountain in Australia is Mount Kosciuszko at 2,228m above sea level. But that's still not that big really! Mount Everest is 4 times taller at 8,848m above sea level.

    Facts About Australia - "Smallest"

    The smallest town in Australia is called Betoota and there is only one resident.

    He owns the Betoota Hotel which is on the unsealed road between Windorah and Birdsville in Qld. It means he has to get his groceries in Birdsville which is a 6 hour round trip - you wouldn't want to forget the milk now would you!

    Australia's smallest state is Tasmania (The Australian Capital Territory where you'll find Canberra is not a state) and the smallest state on mainland Australia is Victoria. Clearly this is based on size and not population.

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