Deep sea divers

"Learn to Dive in Australia"

The coast line offers some fantastic opportunities for deep sea divers.

The most famous is of course, The Great Barrier Reef australia But there are more places to consider, particularly in Western Australia.

Learn to Dive

Deep sea divers in Australia and diving in general have a great safety record. It's no surprise that many people opt to learn to dive here in Australia.

So, take the opportunity to get your PADI diving certificate whilst here in Australia. You can normally complete it in 4 days and prices are between $400 and $500.

Part of the course is conducted in a classroom and a swimming pool. Then the second two days are usually spent out at the reef.

Generally people opt to learn to dive in Australia as its cheaper than home, the water is warm and the marine life is stunning. It just depends whether you can afford to take the 4 days out of your holiday to do it.

The 4 days are pretty exhausting and you do have to sit theory tests. Also, you have to complete a medical to prove that you are fit to dive. This can be arranged when you get here as part of your enrolment but there is an additional cost of about $50.

If that all sounds too much but you fancy having a go at diving then most places offer an “introduction to diving” which lasts about half a day. They will teach you the basics for deep sea divers and then let you have a go. This is a great way to see whether you like it before investing in doing your PADI.

Deep sea divers - Where to go to experience Australian Diving

Whether you are one of those experienced deep sea divers or just starting out, the best places to go are those that have the best marine life.

Cairns and the Whitsundays are still the best places to head to experience the Great Barrier Reef but click here for more great diving spots

Finding an Australian Diving Operator

I tend to get to my destination and then find a dive operator that looks competitive.

If you want to do a live on board option then it's best to book these in advance. This is also true for diving with the Whale sharks in Ningaloo Reef.


  • for the great barrier reef
  • for tours of Ningaloo Reef
  • - Spoilsport Coral Sea, live on board
  • - Yongala Ship Wreck
  • - fish rock cave, South West Rocks, NSW
  • - Ball's Pyramid, Lord Howe Island

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