Dangerous Australian Animals

"The Worst of Australia!"

It’s fair to say that the number of dangerous Australian animals is pretty outstanding! Australia has more than its fair share that's for sure! Travellers seem very interested in them so I thought I would include a section on these nasties.

But, I must stress that the likelihood of you running into any of these is EXTREMELY unlikely. It should in no way put you off a trip here to Australia.

Most snake bites or encounters with sharks are when sensible rules have not been followed. This page will tell you a little about these interesting creatures and also some tips for avoiding them or what to do should the worst happen and you end up getting bitten.

First, lets look at the facts before you go scaring yourself half to death.

Here are the number of deaths that have been recorded in the last 50 years for the worst of Australia's nasties.

No. of Deaths
Crocodile 100
Box Jellyfish63
Funnel Web Spider13
Great White Shark11
Snake Bites5
Irukandji Jellyfish2
Blue Ring Octopus2
Stone Fish0
Red Back Spider0

Anti-venom is available for many of the worst of Australia's venomous creatures which has dramatically reduced the number of deaths. There are still a few thousand stings and bites reported every year but as you can see from the above figures, these amount to very little with only the tiniest percentage ending in death.

Some have had no reported deaths despite all the hype. E.g. Red Back spiders.

2 crocodile deaths a year on average are reported. So, if I were you, I'd be on my guard for crocs and pay attention to those "No swimming" signs.

To help get your sense of humour back, have a look at this video:

Top 10 Dangerous Australian Animals

crocodile octopusbox jellyfish
Saltwater CrocodileBlue Ring OctopusBox Jellyfish
brown snake great white shark
Venomous SnakesFunnel Web SpiderGreat White Shark
irukandji red back spider stonefish
Irukandji jellyfishRed Back SpiderStonefish

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