Cottesloe Beach

"Cottesloe Beach - Beautiful sunsets, great pub, BBQ's, surf and lawns too!"

Ask anyone from Perth and Cottesloe will certainly feature as one of their favourite spots to hang out. Just 15 minutes from the city, it's no wonder that this is one of the best places to be on a sunny day.

It really does seem to have it all - great sand, turquoise waters and a lovely set of lawns if you don't like sitting on the sand!

Where is this Australian Beach?

Being so near to Perth, it is really easy to get here.

Cottesloe has its own train station and the beach is only a few minutes walk away.

Buses run regularly to and from the beach too. The council puts on a free shuttle bus during the summer months or the 102 bus route links Perth to Cottesloe.

See below for map of where to find it. It is not far from Fremantle either so a good stop off on the way there too.

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Why Visit this Beach?

Whilst this australian beach itself offers lovely sands and turquoise waters, it is more the row of cafes behind it that makes this a great place to come.

Head here on a weekend (particularly a Sunday) and enjoy the atmosphere of what Aussie's do best - catching up with mates over a bite to eat or a drink with amazing water views.

I'd encourage you to bring your own drinks and BBQ foods and take advantage of the well kept lawns and facilities.

The Cottesloe Beach Hotel is pretty much famous for its Sunday sessions and has been a meeting place for generations. You can also stay here. It's a good location and the breakfast is good but the rooms are a bit dated these days. It obviously gets quite noisy on a weekend too.

An alternative is to stay at The Beach Chalet Hotel - gets better reviews from travellers although the staff need to improve their customer service.

If the water is more your thing then you won't be disappointed. The clear waters are great for surfers and a little further on there is a great area for snorkelling.

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