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"Christmas Lights Brisbane - Great if you are here around Christmas and are young at heart or have kids!"

I happened to be in Brisbane one year for Christmas and I was shocked and amazed at how crazy the locals go over their Christmas lights. Granted, you need a car to get about to see them as the majority are in the suburbs, but trust me, it is worth the trek!

Find out below a little bit more information on how you can pinpoint where to go to see the lights.

How To Find The Best Christmas Light Displays in Brisbane

Brisbane usually has a competition every year to find the best Brisbane Christmas lights display. Residents register on line and then "official judges" do a tour of the suburbs to find the best displays. You'll often find a few in each suburb all trying to out do each other!

I think environmentally there has been a little bit of push back on the locals using so many lights - the rising cost of fuel bills may also have deterred a few people or at least limit the number of hours the lights are on for.

It is a shame though as the local kids absolutely love the lights.

You will usually find large Santa's, trees, flashing lights and lots of them! The display can either fill the front garden or usually goes onto the roof and front of the house too. They vary greatly with some being a little over the top to others being a bit more tastefully done!

So, the best way to see the lights is to view the official website which will have the short listed houses on it - you can then use your sat nav to visit a few that aren't too far from your location.

Merry Christmas and Happy Christmas light hunting!

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