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"Cheap car rentals Australia - Get advice from a local!"

At some point during your trip down under you are likely to need a hire car. There are ways of finding cheap car rentals that hopefully won't take hours of searching the web...Read on for my advice.

1. Compare Car Hire Australia

The first thing you need to do to get cheap car rentals Australia, is compare all the operators. As you would expect, all the big guys are out here - Hertz, Europcar, Avis, Thrifty and Budget.

There is a great site that does this for you in one go -

Here is the search box for you:

2. Check the Small Print

Things to watch out for to get cheap car rentals Australia are the no. of free km they are willing to give you before you then have to start paying per km.

This is a great way for them to make some money from the unsuspecting tourist. If you think you will be doing one of the Australia Road Trips , make sure you pick a hire car with unlimited kms

Also watch the small print on what you are covered for. Even if you hire a 4WD, there may be some roads that your hire car company will restrict access. For example, in the Kakadu National Park, the road to Jim Jim Falls is particularly rough and most hire cars will not permit their vehicles down this road.

Given the distances involved, it is very common to pick up from one destination and drop off at another to save yourself looping back. The hire car companies charge you a one off fee. It often works out cheaper than having to double back on yourself and pay extra in fuel costs and hotels.

3. Local Car Hire Companies - Sydney/Perth/Brisbane/Melbourne

Each major city has its own smaller operators offering car rentals in Australia.

It's worth doing a quick internet search for local operators.

If you are going to Sydney or Perth then I would compare the above vroomvroomvroom prices with Bayswater Car Rental (also known as No Birds) or East coast car rentals is another option.

Look out for places too that don't offer brand new cars as these can keep the prices down too. Rent a wreck for example could be a good option.

4. Cheap Car Rentals Australia - One Way Relocations

It is very common for cars to be picked up at one destination and dropped off at another and normally those cars need to get back to their original destination.

Car hire companies offer cheap or free car hire for those who can return the vehicle for them - It could cost you $1 per day with an allowance for fuel and toll charges for example.

But to do this option, you need to book last minute - 2 to 3 weeks prior to when you want to go and you may need to be flexible on your destination - it all depends what is available at that time.

Also be careful on the terms and conditions for these. What can look like a total bargain can end up costing you quite a lot more than you thought! Usually if a car trip can be done in say 3 days, then you only get the $1 offer for those 3 days. You can then buy more days if you want to take your time getting the vehicle back - they give you a deadline as to when the vehicle HAS to be back.

A word of caution on these deals - Australia Road Trips are meant to be fun and give you the freedom and flexibility to stop and stay where you like. Having to get your vehicle back by a certain date might not give you that flexibility. will do them but other websites that you can try for this include:

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