"The Pier at Sunset should not be missed!"

Carnarvon is a great place to spend a couple of days here on the Western Coast of Australia. It is just over 900km from Perth on Australia's beautiful Coral Coast. It's the southern gateway to Ningaloo Reef and is a great place to explore some of the most lovely of beaches.

What to do

This place is still pretty small with a population of just over 5,000 people so don't expect their to be heaps to do!

But it is a great place to relax as part of a trip along the west coast of Australia. Click here for more details of other stop offs along the road from Perth to Exmouth: Western Australia Travel
I'd recommend getting here for sunset and then doing a plantation visit the following morning and then exploring some of the nearby beaches. One night only should do it.

  • Banana Tour

    This area is famous for its banana plantations. We visited Westby's Banana Plantation. The area is perfect for growing bananas due to its tropical climate and abundance of ground water.

    Queensland has always been associated with the production of bananas for Australia but this area of Western Australia and areas of NSW increased their production after Cyclone Larry ruined the banana plantations in tropical Queensland.

    Visting a plantation is interesting. Most of the cutting is still done by hand and its amazing to watch the trees leaning into the sun. Did you know that bananas are actually a herb? You'll find out many more interesting facts about bananas here in Carnarvon.

  • The Jetty/Pier

    This jetty seems to stretch for miles - well it's a mile which is nearly 2km. The picture above goes some way to showing its beauty. The best time to come down here is at susnet. Bring a glass of wine and enjoy the views.

  • Explore Shell Beach and Shark Bay

    These beaches are lovely and not too far away.

  • Where to stay in Carnarvon

    As you would expect there isn't too much choice here - there's a caravan park and a motel!But most are near the water front.

    Plantation Caravan Park The cabins here are well equipped.

    Best Western Hospitality Inn The same as any other Best Western! The air conditioning is a little noisy and the pool a little dirty but overall a good hotel and value for money.

    Central Apartments Fairly spacious and budget priced.

    If you fancy having something to eat, try the Dragon Pearl Chinese Restaurant on Francis Street.

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