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"Canberra Weather - There's not really a bad time to visit!"

Canberra is probably the only major Australian city that is slightly inland, with all the others being on the coast.

It does mean that the weather here can be extreme - very cold in the winter (June to September) and very hot during the summer months (December and January)

Canberra is however the type of place you can visit all year round. Most of its key attractions are indoors.

When Is The Best Time To Visit Canberra

As mentioned above, it's fine to visit Canberra all year round provided that you are prepared for the heat or the cold!

Personally I'd avoid January due to the school holidays making it busy and expensive.

The famous Canberra Hot Air Balloon Festival takes place over a 2 week period in March each year. The take off and landing of all the balloons is a fantastic spectacle. Usually on a Saturday at dawn, you’ll have to get up early to see it. This would be a good time to come.

In Spring there is also a beautiful flower show where fields of tulips and more are displayed. This is usually held in September/October.

Every Easter there is the National Folk Festival Canberra - Come join the party and experience fabulous music and dance.

Key Weather Statistics

Jan Feb Mar Apr May June July Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec
Mean Maximum Temp 27.7 27.1 24.5 19.6 15.1 11.8 11.1 12.8 16.0 19.4 22.7 26.1
Mean Minimum Temp13.613.611.
Mean Rainfall mm60.360.558.753.148.842.942.751.451.474.4058.551.8

Weather in Canberra 14 day Forecast

If you're trip to Canberra is imminent then check out the 14 day forecast here:

Canberra Forecast.

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