Camping Blue Mountains

Camping Blue Mountains - A totally different experience!

Camping Blue Mountains - We recently enjoyed a wonderful Autumn weekend in The Blue Mountains. It was so picturesque, plenty of great picnic spots and heaps to do. I had to share it with you! This is a totally different experience to the usual Katoomba trip.

Camping In The Blue Mountains

For most people, the Blue Mountains is around Katoomba, visiting The Three Sisters Rock formations, the small cafes and boutique shops of Leura. You'll certainly find some camping grounds around here too.

Dunphys camp ground is basic but good and not too far from Echo Point (viewing area for the Three Sisters) or try the National Park at Glenbrook where you'll find plenty of kangaroos to spot. For something more mainstream try Katoomba Falls Tourist Park

But once you've been a couple of times, you'll want to explore somewhere else. If you want to get away from the crowds too, then I'd whole-heartedly recommend heading to The Bells Line Of Road, which is the other side of the Blue Mountains, nearer the towns of Windsor and Richmond. We camped at Mount Wilson and loved it.....Camping Blue Mountains at its very best - basic, serene and quiet.

The Bells Line Of Road

This is a road that winds into the Blue Mountains from Richmond. Best access from Sydney is probably via the M2 and M7, if you don't mind paying the toll charges. What's so great about this road is the abundance of fresh produce along the road side.

We had a great time visiting the apple orchards and picking our own apples. There's plenty along the route near Bilpin. Try Pine Crest Orchard or Bilpin Springs Orchards. They are normally open from May for a few months but some are open all year round.

Did you know that the Pink lady apple gets its beautiful pink tones from when the weather gets cold (less than 8 degrees), so your pink lady colour is very dependent on whether we have a cold spell. The kids loved this experience and enjoyed wrapping the apples in foil and putting them on the fire later on.

We also had a go at chestnut picking. I had no idea how spiky these things are. We had to wear special gloves just to pick them and it was a bit too hard for the kids in the end.

Mount Wilson

Mount Wilson is  probably about 20-30 minutes drive further along the Bells line of Road after Bilpin. If you get to Bell, you've gone too far and missed the turn off. 

We were here for a sunny Anzac Weekend at the end of April and it was busy with day trippers and picnic goers. The nearby Mount Tomah Botanical Gardens are well known with the locals for its picturesque and tranquil eating spots and beautiful fauna.

Look out for the smaller signs though welcoming you to look round some of the local's gardens. There is sometimes a gold coin donation, but for anyone interested in gardening or an appreciation for gardens, it's a real must.

This camping Blue Mountains campground is at a clearing after the tiny village  (look out for garden signs here) near the Cathedral Ferns walk. Here at the campground you'll be surrounded by colourful European trees (if you come in the Autumn).

There are also fire pits so bring plenty of fire wood and newspaper to get it going. Facilities are very very basic so no showers, just a hole in the ground for a toilet, but there's plenty of fresh water.

Overall this is a a great weekend away from the hustle and bustle of city life. It's a totally different sort of experience than the usual Katoomba Blue Mountains trip.

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