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"Camping Australia - Warm weather, unspoiled countryside, it's perfect!"

Now, you may have read my home page and know that I'm not the biggest camper. I worry about spiders and snakes (!) and as such prefer to spend my nights in well appointed hotels. But with that said, I've had the chance to experience some amazing campsites Australia.

Lets face it, the climate is perfect for it and the scenery is to die for. Camping Australia is certainly a great way to travel.

Unfortunately you can't just camp anywhere and the local councils are quick to put up no camping signs in popular beach areas and national parks. Below however you will find my best and top camping spots in Australia. If you have anymore then please use the Contact Us Page.

Australia's Top Camping Spots - National Parks or "The Big 4" Route

Firstly, you should pick the destination that you really want to go and then look for a good campsite. You then have a choice to make:-

1) Australia National Parks - beautiful scenery, booking can be difficult in peak season and the facilities can be very limited. Some don't have hot water. Don't be too put off though as some of these are simply THE BEST camping spots in Australia.

The other limiting factor is that they tend to be out of the way and not along the main tourist routes. My advice here is to pick carefully (my guide below is a good start. Don't forget also that you will have to pay an entry fee to enter the National Park too.

Look at my Australia National Parks page for more information on booking campsites and also the best national parks to visit.

2) Large commercial camping and caravan sites (e.g. The Big 4) that have all the facilities including shops, swimming pools etc BUT you can expect these to be large and a little impersonable. They tend to be in great locations along the main tourist routes too.

Another good thing about these sites is that they tend to offer "cabins" - these are usually well equipped and great value for money V's a motel or hotel option. A good way to travel around Australia on a budget. (For more suggestions try Australia Discount Travel.

The above choice is a real personal one. I have friends who love one but not the other - you need to decide what sort of person you are!

Best National Park Sites for Camping Australia

Here are some places in National Parks worth considering

1) Wilsons Prom outside Melbourne - the scenery here is just amazing. Sadly the pictures on my page just don't do it justice. There are erected "luxury" tents here too that can make even the worst campers feel at home. A great way to experience camping Australia even for novice campers. This place gets really busy in December/January with the locals booking up a year in advance. Outside of this time, you might be luckier. Go to Wislons Prom for more details.

2) Green Patch at Jervis Bay (Between Sydney and Melbourne) - This is one of my favourite camping spots in a National Park. The campsite is right next to the most amazing beach. But be warned, facilities are fairly limited. This is for the proper camper but a gem of a place for camping Australia.

3) Paperbark, Jervis Bay (Between Sydney and Melbourne) This is for those of you who have lots of cash! The luxury tents in the middle of the National Park here are like something from an African Safari. Check out my Australia Luxury Travel page for more details or click here paper bark campsite

4) The Land of Giants Camping Ground, Mount Field National Park, Tasmania This is just an hour from Hobart and offers beautiful scenery. You can pitch your tent (powered and unpowered sites) underneath Australia's tallest trees. The facilities are also really good with free electric barbecues, laundry, toilet blocks, fireplaces and (my favourite bit...) Hot Showers! My kind of place for Camping Australia.

5) Fraser Island (QLD) - Central Station Campsite. Fraser Island is a total National Park made of sand. We spent a fabulous weekend here hiring a 4 wd with a tent in the back. We spent one night on the beach (no facilities) and another night in a rainforest campground (Central Station) with lovely facilities. From here it was a short journey to the infamous Lake McKenzie which is simply stunning. Go to Fraser Island Australia for more details.

6) Ayers Rock Campground. This is the cheapest way to stay at Ayers Rock. There is only one resort here, run by one company so the prices are rather steep. So, many opt to stay on the campground. Only warning is it is very hot here so don't think about camping in the peak of summer - you'll be begging them for an upgrade to a room with air conditioning! Ayers Rock.

7)The Blue Mountains - We spent a sunny Anzac weekend (April) near Mount Wilson in the Blue Mountains and enjoyed a very different experience than the usual tourist hub of Katoomba. The Bells Line Of Road has lots to offer including a chance to pick your own fruit. A great activity for adults and families alike. Find out more by going to Camping Blue Mountains

Best "Commercial" Campsites in Australia

There are lots of great sites along popular routes but here are my favourites:

1) Jervis Bay - Huskisson Beach Tourist Resort, Jervis Bay, 3 hours from Sydney - This has great views and some good facilities. Probably commands one of the best spots in the area

2) Cairns Coconut Holiday Resort (QLD) good location for the Great Barrier Reef plenty of different types of accommodation on offer for camping australia. This is a big park set in rain forests. Lots of activities. A good choice if you have kids and need them to be entertained - pools, games room etc available.

3) Kakadu Lodge and Caravan Park (Norther Territory) - camping, caravan sites, cabins and cottages all available right in the heart of Kakadu National Park - stunning place for camping Australia!

4) Discovery Holiday Park, Cradle Mountain, Tasmania offers cabins, cottages and backpacker accommodation too. The location is great for getting to Cradle Mountain Tasmania, there are two great restaurants nearby and a chance to see Tasmanian devils up close and personal.

5) Beachcomber Coconut Caravan Village, South Mission Beach, QLD - a great stop off if you are planning a drive from Cairns to Brisbane or just a trip out from Cairns. There's loads of facilities here and 5 different types of accommodation including beach front cabins. Great for families

6) Big 4 Beacon Resort, Queenscliff. This is a perfect camping spot for anyone planning a trip down the Great Ocean Drive. It offers cabins, beach houses as well as caravan and camping facilities.

7) Red Bluff, Quobba Station, near Carnarvon WA. These eco-friendly luxury safari tents are another way to camp without having to rough it. The beaches here are why it's worth staying here - whether you are into snorkelling or surfing, they are picture perfect stunning - carnarvon.

8)Bungalow Bay Koala Village, Magnetic Island Magnetic Island is a great destination for an affordable tropical island getaway in Queensland. This is the only place where camping is allowed. It attracts a lot of backpackers as a result but they do have some basic but good value cabins available too. Go to australian-islands to find out more about Magnetic Island.

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