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There is something wonderful about having the freedom of going wherever you want and not having to worry about where you are going to sleep that night.

Hiring a campervan or motor home is certainly liberating and good fun.

Of all the places I've visited, New Zealand and Tasmania lend themselves nicely to hiring a campervan and seeing the sites and scenery.

But who to go with and what to look for?

Which Company to Choose for Campervan hire Tasmania?

Firstly I recommend you check out my page on what to look for when renting a campervan:

Camper Rentals Australia

In terms of the companies that operate out of Tasmania there are the following and you will certainly get more choice if you choose to pick up from Hobart:

Britz - probably the most well known in Australia. Reliable and great vans. Maybe slightly more expensive due to its reputation. Expect to pay more though than the options below

Maui - another favourite. Great vans, great reputation and you'll see plenty of these on the roads (especially in New Zealand). Expect to pay more than the options below.

Autorent Hertz - Part of the global Hertz brand

Cruisin Tasmania - Another local option that offers good value for money and has location pick ups outside Hobart.

Cheapa Campa Rentals - well known throughout Australia and generally offer good prices. Available pick up from Hobart and will price match any other offer if you get it cheaper

Campervan hire tasmania - Good option if you need a van out of Launceston or Devonport (or Hobart). A local operating firm that may be able to undercut the big guys

Is there a quick way to compare prices ?

This is potentially going to be a significant proportion of your holiday cost so it really is worth spending the time to shop around and get the best price.

You can compare some of the above operators through This will be a good start but I'd recommend having a look at some of the local operators before you make your final decision.

Don't forget to check what's included in the price - unlimited kms? Do you need to drop off at a different location? How much will they charge for this? Make sure you are comparing like for like costs for the same standard of van.

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