Camper Rentals Australia

"A great way to Road Trip Australia"

It's no longer just for the backpackers! Camper rentals Australia have continued to rise with more and more people finding it the economic way to see Australia.

Below is information as to where to go and how to get a good deal.

Why choose a campervan?

Camper Rentals Australia are so popular these days. Why? Campervans give you freedom and of course a bed!

This is perfect if you want to do any of the Australia Road Trips It means you never have to worry about accommodation. This is particularly important if you intend to travel in some of the more remote areas of Australia.

Whilst the initial costs of hiring a campervan may look expensive, if you work out what it would cost you in accommodation and a hire car, the sums start to make sense.

Whilst campervan hire Australia has come a long way, the vans aren't huge (like some of the ones you see in the US). Make sure this is for you. It can feel a little cramped and claustrophobic for some.

Getting cheap Camper rentals Australia

Judging from the number you see on the road, the best camper rentals Australia seems to be Britz and Maui - these are the upmarket ones.

What you want to do however is be able to compare all prices ensuring you get the best deal. Check out who will compare all the big companies.

These guys seem to offer competitive prices and a chance to compare many of the major companies so Ive got their search box for you:

Make sure you are comparing like with like.

  • How big are the vans?
  • What equipment is included?
  • Is it unlimited kms?
  • What's the excess?
  • Oneway Relocations/Standby Vans

    If you have ultimate flexibility, use who often give campervans for free or as little as $1 a day in order to return vans to their original destinations.

    You can book about 2-3 weeks in advance. Now that really is a bargain! There are more websites like this including Please check out my advice though at the bottom of my Cheap Car Rentals Australia page as there are some watch outs with this method.

    Buy A Campervan

    Another option for camper rentals Australia, if you are planning a big road trip or on a tight budget, is to buy a car or campervan and then give it back for a guaranteed price. If you are planning to hire for more than 3 months, it's more economical to buy.

    These guys do it well and its worth exploring as a cheap option if you have the cash upfront. Cars 4 Backpackers

    Otherwise head to somewhere like Bondi in Sydney and check out the ads in the local cafes. You'll find heaps of ads for campervans for sale.

    The NRMA offers a service where they will come out and check the vehicle before you buy it to make sure it is mechanically sound.

    To buy a car or campervan in Australia you need to complete a small amount of paperwork. You need to transfer the vehicle into your name by completing a form that the last owner should give you. There is a charge by the RTA called stamp duty which is a % of the vehicles value (about 4%)

    The other thing to watch out for is the Rego. This is the equivalent of the tax disk in the UK and needs to renewed every year. The sticker goes on the windscreen and shows clearly the renewal date. If you have to renew the rego, it can get expensive. About $300 for the rego, another $400 for third party insurance (green slip) and a service (pink slip) $30 to check all is in working order. If it fails the service, you need to be able to put it right before you can renew your rego (a bit like the MOT)

    A few watch outs

    When searching online for camper rentals Australia, it's wise to check the small print.

    Many campervan hirers restrict certain roads, particularly unsealed roads. When you are planning your trip, make sure the van you pick is suitable for the type of roads you are traveling on.

    Campervans are heavy on fuel. Make sure you factor fuel prices into your budget. That said, fuel prices in Australia are still lower than in Europe.

    Most camper rentals Australia allow one way travel i.e. you don't have to pick up and drop off from the same point. They usually charge a one off fee but generally it's worth it.

    Book in advance! To get camper rentals australia with the best vans and the right equipment you need to book WELL ahead of time. This should be something you book when you book your flights!

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