Bus Travel Australia

"The cheapest way to travel"

Coach and bus travel Australia are a great way to travel around Australia. Typically the Australians call it coach travel.

The service is generally cheap and very efficient.

There are a few operators and lots of different routes. This page aims to give you the information you need to plan your trip.

Major Bus and Coach Operators

There are two major companies operating bus travel Australia.

Greyhound Pioneer


In each local area of Australia you will find local operators too. These tend to be good for smaller journeys to and from major attractions and cater for the backpacking market. They can be a good option though as they tend to stop off at hostels and YHA type places.

I'd recommend using the two larger companies when you need to cover long distances. McCafferty's is actually owned by Greyhound so that's really the only website you need to plan your trip. You may just see and use buses with either McCafferty's or Greyhound on them.

Greyhound offers special travel passes which significantly cuts down on costs. Planning your journey is therefore a good idea so you can work out how many days travel you need and therefore which of the passes is best.

A popular pass by Greyhound Pioneer is Cairns to Sydney. It's valid for 45 days so you can hop on and off along the way. It will cost you about $360. Now that's not bad!

Bus and Coach Routes

The major Australia bus travel routes are

  • Cairns to Sydney
  • Sydney to Melbourne
  • Adelaide to Alice Springs
  • Darwin to Alice Springs
  • Darwin to Broome
  • Broome to Perth
  • For about $3000 you can get a pass that takes in all of the routes and you have about 12 months to cover them all!!

    Is bus travel for you?

    Honestly - I couldn't do it! Despite the great prices, I just couldn't sit upright for hours and hours on end!

    Before you decide to bus travel Australia, think carefully!

    Australia is a huge place and you could be spending days on end on a bus. Perhaps do some more manageable journeys by bus and some by plane. If you book in advance you can get a bargain on flights.

    Bus travel within the Cities

    When it comes to bus travel australia within the cities, then I can't recommend it enough.

    The service is generally very efficient and is a good way to get across cities and visit some of the suburbs.

    Every city bus service has special daily or weekly passes that are SO much cheaper than paying each time you travel. In Sydney for example, your bus ticket can also be used on trains and ferries, providing you buy the right one.

    You can usually buy them form newsagents but don't expect them to have the knowledge as to which bus pass to buy. Speak to a friendly bus driver or local tourist information to work out which type of pass will suit you best.

    There are generally small huts offering bus timetable information with helpful staff, in key tourist destinations. Look out for them and seek their advice.

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