Bungle Bungles

"Bungle Bungles - An amazing array of sandstone domes that seem to even glow red under the sun"

Can you believe that this amazing site was not discovered until the 1980's? It's only about 80km off the main Great Northern Highway in the Kimberleys (250km from Kununurra and 110 km from Halls Creek,) yet it went undetected!

The problem is that once you get to the turn off for the Bungle Bungles, you have an 80km slow dirt track to get you to the centre of the park. You really need a 4WD to do this unsealed road - it's not recommended to do it otherwise.

The park is officially called Purnululu but is known to everyone as the Bungle Bungle National Park.

Some Facts About The Rock Formations

The Bungle Bungles, over 350 million years ago, were once a great marine deposit. Since then it has been weathered and eroded by countless wet seasons to form a series of domes, high cliffs and gorges.

The orange bands on the rocks are silica and the black bands are lichen. Inside this is white sandstone.

The gorges are home to some lovely palms that don't grow anywhere else in the Western Australian Region - only here.

What To Do In The Bungle Bungles National Park


This is an easy to moderate walk and it takes about 2 hours max. The walk takes you past some of the domes, along the Pincanniny Creek. Suddenly you round a corner to see "The Cathedral" which is a small amphitheatre dipping down into a pool of water surrounded by brilliant red rocks. It is stunning!

For the adventurous you can carry on to Picanniny Gorge but the total trek is 30km and is recommended you do it overnight. Tell the Ranger if you intend to do this one.


Echidna Chasm is only about 2km and is an easy walk. It's good fun as you get deeper and deeper into the gorge, it becomes narrower and narrower to the point where you are squeezing yourself through the rocks.

Froghole is another easy walk but takes longer - allow at least an hour and a half.

Mini Palms is much harder and could take about 3 hours.


Given the time it takes to get here and the fact that the park is quite big so getting between key points of interest can take a bit of time, it would be best to camp overnight here.

I'd recommend going with East Kimberley Tours so that you can stay in their exlclusive Belburn Camp with luxury tents, water and showers!

If you want to bring your own and rough it, then head for Kurrajong Camp or Walardi Camp. Both have toilets, water and fireplaces with spaces for those with generators too.


Depending on your itinerary, this National Park can be a long way from anything else which means a lot of people miss coming here which is a real shame. A great alternative is to do a scenic flight over this amazing rock formation as they are stunning from the air.

You can do this from Kununurra or Halls Creek. The first usually takes in Lake Argyle which is great but Halls Creek is cheaper.

If you're keen to come and do a scenic flight then this is also possible from an airstrip not far from Walardi Camp.

Bungle Bungles

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