Bruny Island

"Bruny Island - fast becoming THE place to visit as part of a trip to Tasmania!"

You'll find this island bursting with native wildlife, amazing scenery, long stretches of white sandy beaches and home to some so the best food producers in Oz. Is it any wonder that the locals and tourists alike are putting this Island on the MUST DO list?

The island is almost two islands (north and south Bruny Island) with just a small strip of land separating the two parts. It's fairly long and thin with a dramatic beach on either side of the island.

Getting Here

This Island is not far from Hobart but you really need to hire a car.

It's a 35 minute drive to Kettering where you can pick up a ferry to Bruny Island, which runs fairly regularly throughout the day from about 6am to 7pm but less on a Sunday. Costs are reasonable a tabout $30 return for your car.

There's no public transport on the island, hence why you need a car.

If you don't fancy a self drive tour then you can get a day trip from Hobart (see Bruny Island Cruises) but personally, it's better to do your own thing and enjoy the drive along this small island. It's also a nice place to stay over and enjoy the feeling of being on your own and in the middle of nowhere!

What To See And Do?

  • Take a leisurely drive around the island. You could do the entire island in less than 2 hours but that's really not the point. You need to take your time, stop off a long the way and enjoy the awesome views. Expect the roads to be windy and in places unsealed. Remember there is only one place to fill up with petrol too!
  • Enjoy some walking You can pick up a tourist map of the Island (around Adventure Bay or at the ferry point). You will find a selection of over 10 hikes that you can do all varying in length and difficulty. It's a great way to explore this lovely countryside
  • Stop off at one of the many producers and try some amazing food. A couple of my favourite places include the Island Berry Farm where you can pick your own berries during the summer months. Or try the Island Cheese Company. This is actually a great place to stop for lunch.
  • Keep your eyes peeled for wildlife - There are plenty of native animals around for you to spot. A couple of favourites of mine include heading to the Neck (the bit where the two islands join) to see the fairy penguins waddling up the beach - very cute! Or looking out for wallabies. There are seals too in the waters and if you do the day tour, you'll get to see these too. Just be careful at night as this is when you will see most of the animals but unfortunately they are usually attracted to your headlights!

  • Places To Stay

    Given the island is relatively small there's not much in the way of accommodation or restuarants for that matter...but what there is, you will like.

    Bruny Island Escapes - a self contained holiday home in Adventure Bay. Good for families as has 3 rooms.

    or try Aquarius Retreat for a waterfront retreat. Would suit up to 2 couples and costs about $300 per night.

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