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Brisbane and Queensland in general has a lovely warm climate throughout the year. It is much more humid than Melbourne or Sydney which makes the temperatures feel at least 5 degrees hotter.

I'd encourage any trip to Australia to ensure a stay in Queensland around the Brisbane area due to the likelihood of good weather. From Brisbane, the Gold Coast and Sunshine coast are an easy drive away and both generally offer more consistent weather than say Melbourne or Sydney.

When is the best time to visit Brisbane?

The best time of year is in Spring or Autumn -

I would recommend late October, November and March as good times to come. The weather is slightly cooler compared to the more humid summer months. But if you want to guarantee yourself some good weather then go for the summer months between November and February.

There are likely to be thunderstorms and rainy days but these are less frequent than in say Melbourne and Sydney (not far north Queensland as this has a long rainy season)

Can You Visit In Winter?

Winter in Brisbane is definitely possible. I'd probably not bank on being able to sit in your bathers on the beach but you can certainly enjoy walks in and around the city. I'd expect more rain though.

Weather Statistics for Brisbane

Here are the weather stats for Brisbane.

Jan Feb Mar Apr May June July Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec
Mean Maximum Temp 29 29.1 28 26 23.6 21.3 20.9 21.7 24.1 25.4 26.7 28.2
Mean Minimum Temp2121.119.316.212.810.58.89.512.715.817.920.0
Mean Rainfall mm118.9121.676.163.5122.872.529.940.13668.1115.5120

Show me the Weather Forecast for Brisbane

If your trip to Brisbane is coming up soon, then follow the link below will give you the most accurate picture of the Brisbane Weather.

Be warned though, weather can change quickly in Australia and they seem incapable of getting it right first time. Keep checking to see if it changes!
Brisbane 14 day weather forecast

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