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Hopefully this website has given you enough ideas of activities and things to do in Brisbane. But if you still fancy the hassle being taken out of a day trip then the options below are all good ways of spending some time in and around the Brisbane area.

There really are plenty of options which makes it pretty hard when you get here to work out what to do. You only have to go to the visitors centre to see the number of leaflets available for tours and trips! I'm hoping I've taken the hassle out of that bit for you!

Best Brisbane Tours

  • A trip down the river is a great way to see more of the city. Check out Brisbane River Cruises

  • Another good option is to combine a river cruise with a coach tour of the city and a trip to the Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary. This is a full day tour and you can book with I'd wait until you get there so you can pick a day when the weather is good. Cost is about $150 per person
  • If you are not planning to visit the Gold Coast as part of your trip then you could do a day trip from Brisbane. You can find out more about the Gold Coast here Gold Coast Holidays. But essentially if you are just going to go for the day then you would probably head to one of the theme parks (more information at Gold Coast Theme Parks).

    It would certainly be easier to drive the hour south of Brisbane and get to the theme parks that way but if not just ask at your hotel for where the nearest transfer bus to the theme parks departs - there are shuttle buses that run between Brisbane and the theme parks. There are also lots from Brisbane Airport. For a family of 4 though, it would be cheaper to hire a car for the day.

  • Australia Zoo is another must do trip from Brisbane. It's between Brisbane and the Sunshine Coast (north of Brisbane) so you could hire a car for the day or take an organised coach to get you there and back. It departs about 8.45am from Brisbane giving you a good six hours at the zoo. There's plenty to do there so you'll be able to pass the time without many problems. You can ask your hotel when you get there or book through if you want to book before you go.
  • Moreton Island Day Tour would be another good option. You get a lovely cruise to the island and then a 4wd experience as the island is made of sand. This is the type of trip you need good weather for -it's about the beaches, sand dunes and water. Probably best to book when you are here so you can pick a good weather day. Or again you can use to book ahead.

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