Brisbane Airport Hotel

This page is designed to help you find the best Brisbane airport hotel.

Either from personal experience or recommendations from friends and family, the following airport hotels have been picked.

Brisbane city is about 13km from the airport and on a good run you can get to and from the city in less than half an hour. But at rush hour it can take much longer.

So, as well as picking hotels really near the airport you could consider staying in the city too: You can check out this range of hotels at Hotels in Brisbane

Below however, you will find my recommendations for hotels in close proximity to the airport to allow a quick get away.

Best Brisbane Airport Hotels

Novotel Hotel Airport Brisbane - not far from the airport and is of high standard with good service. Distance from airport still means you'd need to get a taxi but it would be a fairly cheap fare. ($20) This is probably the most popular choice but is also the most expensive!

Quest Services Apartments Ascot - Another good option, especially for families needing an apartment rather than a hotel. Clean, friendly and about 15 mins from the airport.

A couple of more Budget options:

Best Western Airport 85 Motel - This is a much cheaper option and is more of a classic motel offering. It's clean and basic and OK for an overnight stay. It's in Ascot which means it's about $20 in a taxi to the airport. There's a nice row of shops on Racecourse Road should you need anything during your stay too.

Aabon Apartments and Motel - Another reasonable alternative about 15 mins from the airport. An apartment rather than a hotel which can often be useful. Again, fine for an overnight stay - basic but clean.

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