Botanical Gardens Sydney

"Botanical Gardens Sydney - A beautiful tranquil place to relax and enjoy the fauna! "

The Botanical Gardens Sydney are pristine and beautiful. You'll find a selection of well kept gardens that you can wander around. There are 30 Ha or 74 acres to explore. They were established in 1816 as a series of pathways through shrubbery so they certainly form part of Sydney's colonial past.

Surrounding the gardens is The Domain. This is a large park that wraps around Sydney Cove near the Opera House and behind the city. It is its amazing positioning, so close to the city, that makes for some wonderful views....But keep your eye out for some of the wildlife..

The Best Gardens To Visit

There are lots of interesting gardens to look round at the Botanical Gardens Sydney. Here are some of my favourites:

  • Sydney Tropical Centre This is the big indoor pyramid with lots of amazing plants and the architecture of it is actually quite stunning also. You have to pay to get in - about $6 and it's open most days between 10am and 4pm

  • The Herb Garden - there's such a large selection of herbs here to admire. The smells were really enticing.
  • The Rose Garden - I couldn't quite believe how many roses there were in this area - very pretty indeed
  • The Rare and Threatened Plants garden Good to see incase they do disappear. You can also find out how you can help preserve them.
  • First Encounters - You get to imagine what the Botanical gardens sydney would have looked like before the arrival of the white settlers. Find out the aboriginal heritage of the garden
  • Government House Grounds Open most days between 10am and 4pm. These are very pristine and are the formal grounds of the house. Government House is the home to the NSW state government.

  • The Domain

    The Domain is the park that surrounds the Botanical Gardens Sydney and is a lovely place to stroll. It's amazing to be able to find so much tranquillity and be so near to the city.

    You can get fit with the many joggers who use the park or enjoy a picnic here.

    Don't forget to keep looking up to see the amazing flying foxes (fruit bats) They really do have little faces that look like foxes. Actually they are a total pest for the trees and Sydney council is trying to find ways to stop them from spending so much time in the Domain.

    During January, this is the place to be - There are outdoor concerts put on free of charge as part of the Sydney Festival - Jazz, Opera and Classical usually. Bring a chair or a rug and a picnic and enjoy the music! Usually a Saturday night.

    January also sees Mrs Maquarie's chair come to life with the St George Open Air Cinema - what a back drop! An outdoor cinema overlooking the Bridge and Opera House. Tickets are hard to come by though. You need to book on the day the tickets become available - usually early December.

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