Bathurst Island

"Bathurst Island - Come get some Aboriginal Culture!"

This is a great day trip from Darwin Australia and a must if you want to meet, greet aborigines and understand This is a great day trip from Aboriginal Australia

Come spend the day here and you will leave with a wealth of understanding and probably some fabulous artwork too!

Getting To Bathurst

Permits are required to get to this island so that the Aboriginal Culture is preserved here.

It is approx 80km north of Darwin and is the smaller of the two Tiwi Islands

It is best therefore to go on an organised trip. There are plenty out there but the best one is probably run by Aboriginal Australia and will cost you approx $500 per person including a scenic flight from Darwin.

It's near impossible to visit Bathurst without taking a scenic flight due to the permits involved so this isn't for those of you on a budget!

What You Can Expect From Your Tour

All the tours tend to offer the same sort of experience

  • Scenic flights from Darwin
  • Visit to the the old wooden church
  • A chance to cool off in the amazing waterfall and pool at Tumwarripi
  • Meet and Greet the Tiwi people.
  • They are famous for their arts and crafts with their painting being very collectable. Tours always visit the arts and crafts centre.
  • Some tours have started to include a chance to try some proper Bush Tucker. which is really great and nothing to be feared!

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