Ayers House

"Ayers House - Colonial Regency Architecture At Its Best!"

You'll find this delightful house on the famous North Terrace in Adelaide's city centre. It is worth a visit as you get to see the house in its entirety including the state dining room, bedrooms, ballroom and family drawing room.

You'll also get to learn a bit more about Sir Henry Ayers too, who lived in the house from 1855 until his death in 1897, a former Premier of South Australia and influential business men.

Discover Ayers House

The House was actually quite modest to start with but grew in size as the status and wealth of its owner grew.

The main part of the house is open to the public which means you get to see a vast proportion of the house which is fitted out with beautiful Victorian furniture, art and memorabilia.

You get to see

  • The Main Bedroom
  • The Ballroom (with an intricately decorated cornice on the ceiling)
  • The family drawing room and dining room - some stunning original features have been restored
  • State Dining Room - Sir Henry Ayers loved to entertain and this room has a very ornate ceiling
  • The old stables and coach house has been converted to a restaurant. The glass roof makes this a very light and airy space.

    You can also hire part of the house for weddings too -what a delightful option for a venue.

    Find Out More About Sir Henry Ayers

    Sir Henry Ayers was born in Hampshire, England. He married in 1840 and then emigrated to South Australia a month later.

    He first worked as a clerk and then made his money in the state's new copper mines.

    He then entered into the world of politics in 1857 and was appointed Premier 7 times between 1863 and 1873.

    Did you know that Ayers Rock was named after him?

    You'll find out more about Sir Henry Ayers when you visit the house as well as what family life was like.

    I really enjoyed visiting this Museum. One to add to your to do list whilst in Adelaide Australia.

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