Australian Voltage

What is the Australian Voltage?

We are travelling from the UK to Australia.

I know I will need to buy an adaptor but will my electrical equipment like my hairdryer work OK - I just can't bear to be without it and have had problems in the past when visiting other countries.




The Australian Voltage is the same as in the UK - between 230 and 240 volts. This means that all your electrical equipment will work perfectly fine including your hair dryer!

The US has a lower voltage than here and the UK and that is where the problems usually occur. Sometimes US hairdryers in particular do not work here as they need a volt converter. You'll notice that some plugs have a switch that you can flick between 115 v and 240v but that doesn't always work either! But given you are from the UK, this clearly doesn't apply for you.

Yes you are right - you will need a plug adaptor. Australian plugs usually have three or sometimes two prongs that go in at an angle and the prongs are much thinner than yours in the UK. The plug sockets are very similar to China and Argentina but very different from anywhere else.

Hope that helps explain the Australian Voltage This link will continue to help you plan your trip.

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