Australian Travel Insurance

"Don't think about travelling without it"

Finding Australian travel insurance can be hard work and everyone wants to find cheap travel insurance!

It's really important to set off on your holiday with some reasurrance. Whilst it always seems like an additional expense that you can do without, it would be invaluable should anything go wrong.

Unfortunately, I'm a believer in "you get what you pay for" so whilst there may be lots of Australian travel insurance out there, the cover can vary greatly.

My advice, next time you travel make sure you have Travel Insurance to cover you for any unexpected events.”

The best way I have found to find the right cover at the right price is by using sites that compare several providers on one screen.

You get to review the price in relation to the cover. That way, you know exactly what you are getting for your money.

I'd consider reviewing the following websites:

A couple of things to consider when choosing your cover:-

If you are a UK citizen, there is a reciprical agreement in place where by you receive free medical treatment in Australia. Sometimes you have to pay up front and then claim it back at a medicare office. (Don't forget to take your passport)

(Australian residents visiting the UK are offered the same service)

This should not however stop you from getting travel insurance. They won't fly you back home if you break your leg and need to cut your trip short and they certainly won't pay for any lost baggage.

Check the excess level for the policy. How much are you willing to pay in the event of a claim? Increasing the excess will reduce the cost of your insurance overall

If you intend to do more than one trip a year, an annual or longterm insurance policyis much more cost effective. Just check how long they will cover for each trip if you are planning a particularly long trip. Standard is about 90 days.

Consider whether you really need Australian travel insurance at all. If you booked your holiday on your credit card you are usually insured. You need to check the small print though to see what exactly you are covered for.

Don't get caught out and end up paying over the odds for your car hire. Companies normally ask you to pay extra to reduce the excess for the car insurance. Check the small print, but normally you are covered for the excess of your car insurance under your travel insurance policy.
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