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"The Best of Australian Travel Books - I've got you covered!"

Planning a trip to Australia can be a little daunting - it is after all such a large country and a continent in its own right.

I've been lucky enough to have travelled the length and breadth of Australia and so have compiled a downloadable ebook, crammed full of useful information, itinerary suggestions and Road Trips.

I'm not aware of any other downloadable ebook that covers all of Australia, giving first hand knowledge about this wonderful country.

I'd love to personally show you round the best parts of Oz, but sadly that just isn't practical. But this ebook is the next best thing. It's like having me in your pocket.



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What's In One of These Real Australian Travel Books?

The Real Australia Travel Guide ebook has over 140 pages packed full of useful information:

  • Practical info on planning your trip

  • A budget planning sheet with likely costs.

  • City guides, accommodation suggestions and places to eat for each of the major Australian cities

  • Itinerary suggestions for spending 2 weeks, 3 weeks, 4 weeks or 7 weeks in Australia.

  • Cut down whistle stop tours that you can do in just a couple of days or long weekend.

  • Maps and links to useful websites to help you plan your trip

  • 10 Road Trip Itineraries detailing what to do at see at each stop, as well as accommodation suggestions. These include the East Coast, West Coast, Kimberleys and Red Centre.

  • Who Should Get One Of These Australian Travel Books?

    This guide is for anyone planning a trip Down Under, no matter what your budget. The road trips and itineraries are suitable for those on a tight budget and those who can afford to spend more.

    Unlike many of the Australian travel books, This guide has accommodation options to suit backpacker budgets to those seeking 5 star luxury.

    Even if you don't plan to do a road trip (and I strongly suggest you should try at least a small one), you can use the information in the road trip section to shape what you will see and do in the places you will visit.

    For example the Road trip from Alice Springs to Ayers Rock gives you a route via Glen Helen and Kings Canyon. It contains details on what you should do at each place including Ayers Rock. So if you fly directly into Ayers Rock instead, the guide will still have you covered.

    How Is The Guide Different From This Website?

    My website has over 400 pages and is not in an easy to print format. To write your own travel plan from my site, will still involve piecing together lots of information. That's what this ebook does for you.

    The Real Australia Travel Guide Ebook takes the best bits of my site and then some. There are itineraries and road trips not featured on my site.

    You will still need this site to research some of the places, so you can decide which parts of Australia appeal most to you.

    Why An Ebook?

  • An ebook means you can get it RIGHT NOW! - it's downloaded in just a couple of clicks and it makes it much cheaper for you than your average travel guide. It is not available as a typical book. It is only available as a download
  • This means you can read it at home at your leisure or print off the sections you need.
  • You won't have to carry one of those large Australian travel books around with you either, which usually means you instantly look like a tourist. You can pick the itinerary for that day and just take those pages with you.
  • You can print multiple copies so everyone in your group can have a copy too.
  • It also means that it is updated regularly, so that if anything does change e.g. a restaurant closes, the guide gets updated.

  • How Do I Get One Of These Australian Travel Books?

    Pay just $14.95 through paypal and the ebook guide will be sent directly to your computer. Now that's way cheaper than your average travel guide. For that small sum, you will have all my expertise and knowledge in your pocket.

    Payment is via paypal which means all your personal information such as your credit card details are encrypted - just as if you are paying on amazon or ebay.

    (Don't worry if you don't have a paypal account - it takes 2 minutes to set one up.)

    Step by Step Guide to Buying this Ebook:

    1. Click the "Buy Now" button below



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    2. Pay securely through Paypal.

    3. Right after you click "Pay Now," the screen will say "You are now being redirected to The Real Australia Sydney On A Shoe String" Wait the 5 seconds until you are redirected.

    4. If for any reason, you are not redirected, don't worry. Within a few minutes, you will receive 2 emails from me. One will have your invoice number and receipt. The other will contain a link to download the Guide, good for 5 attempts.

    5. If you have any problems after an hour or so then you can Contact Us

    For your information, the file is in Adobe PDF, and is over 5.0 MB in size, which should be fine for all computers.


    Here's what travellers are saying about the guide:

    "I Love the information on your site and the guide has made it even easier for me to plan my trip. The Road Trips are detailed and gave us lots of new ideas of places to explore. Thanks again"

    "The guide has lots of information - I particularly liked the budget planning sheet - it brought home to me how much we needed to save so we didn't return to a big credit card debt!"

    "Lots of useful information, all in one place. I like your candid approach, telling us what not to do as well as what to do"

    "I think the guide will help me save money on our trip. I liked having all the links to the various websites and accommodation options so we could check out what we liked there and then without having to search on line."

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