Australian Time Zones

Can you please explain the Australian Time Zones and how many there are?

We are planning a trip across Australia and it is not clear from the flight times, if there is a time difference between the various cities.

What is the time difference between Sydney and Perth?

Your help would be appreciated


There are in fact 3 separate time zones in Australia which is hardly surprising given its size.

Western Standard time (Perth)(UTC +8).

Central Standard time (half an hour ahead of western standard time) (Darwin, Adelaide)(UTC +9.5).

Eastern Standard time (2 hours ahead of western standard time) (Sydney, Melbourne, Tasmania, Brisbane) (UTC +10).

So it does mean that most of the key cities are in different time zones.

If that's not confusing enough, daylight savings is operated in NSW, ACT, Victoria and South Australia from October to March.

This adds an extra hour on to the time differences. So during summer Brisbane can be an hour behind from Sydney and Melbourne but the same time during the winter.

During the winter Perth is 2 hours behind Sydney and during summer, they are 3 hours behind.

It does mean that if you go to the border of New South Wales and Queensland, you can have a store officially in NSW and another officially in Queensland, literally next door to each other on different time zones - now that is strange!!

I hope this helps to explain Australian Time Zones a little more clearly when reviewing your flight details. The link will show you other ways to plan your trip, see especially travel distances which gives Australian flight times which should also help

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