Australian Symbols

"Australian Symbols - Quintessentially Aussie!"

If you are looking to understand some of the key symbols of Australia then this page should help.

Below you will find an explanation of the Australian flag, The Commonwealth Coat of Arms, as well as the words for the Australian National Anthem and some other key Aussie icons like the BBQ and Ute! Read on for more details.....

Australian Symbols - The Australian Flag

The Australian Flag has 3 elements to it:

  • The British Union Jack - Remembering the British settlement
  • The Commonwealth star/Federation Star - This is the 7 point star that features below the union jack flag. Each point on the star symbolises the unity of the 6 original states and the territories of the Commonwealth of Australia
  • Southern Cross - The stars on the right hand side form the formation of the Southern Cross. This star formation can only be seen from the southern hemisphere so is a reminder of Australia's geography

  • Australian Symbols - The Commonwealth Coat of Arms

    The Coat of Arms features two animals - The Emu and the Kangaroo. It is claimed that these animals are featured because they are both native to Australia and both find it difficult to go backwards - they can only ever advance, going forward.

    The shield itself is to represent the 6 states of Australia:

  • New South Wales – the Cross of St George with lion and stars
  • Victoria – the Southern Cross
  • Queensland – a blue Maltese Cross and Crown
  • South Australia – the Australian piping shrike
  • Western Australia – a black swan
  • Tasmania – a red walking lion

  • Australian Symbols - The National Anthem

    Here are the words to the National Anthem. Did you know that Waltzing Matilda was nearly the official Anthem for Australia? A referendum was held in the 1970's to choose between the two. 51% of the population voted for Advance Australia Fair (below) and nearly 20% voted for Waltzing Matilda.

    Australians all let us rejoice
    For we are young and free
    We've golden soil and wealth for toil,
    Our home is girt by sea:
    Our land abounds in nature's gifts
    Of beauty rich and rare,
    In history's page let every stage
    Advance Australia fair,
    In joyful strains then let us sing
    Advance Australia fair.

    Beneath our radiant Southern Cross,
    We'll toil with hearts and hands,
    To make this Commonwealth of ours
    Renowned of all the lands,
    For those who've come across the seas
    We've boundless plains to share,
    With courage let us all combine
    To advance Australia fair.
    In joyful strains then let us sing,
    Advance Australia fair.

    Australian Symbols - The Floral Emblem

    The floral emblem for Australia is the Golden Wattle.

    This is because it flowers in the Australian colours of Green and Gold.

    It is also tough enough to withstand droughts and harsh weather - just like the Australian people can cope with adversity!

    The National Gemstone of Australia - The Opal

    Opals are famous for their beautiful colours. The opal is prescious to the Aboriginal community too.

    Australia is responsible for 95% of the Supply of Opals to the rest of the world so it seems fitting that this should be the national gemstone.

    Other (Less Official Symbols of Australia!)

    The following are not official symbols of Australia but are certainly quintessentially Australian:

  • The Ute - Short for Utility vehichle. This is THE car that symbolises Australia. It is still the most sought after car for blokes here in Oz. There are numerous UTE rallies held in regional Australia which are immensely popular. Here Utes are shined and admired and various music or competitions are played.

    Did you know that in the Australian Jingle Bells version Santa travels in a rusty holden ute with an esky in the boot.

  • The Aussie BBQ - The Bigger the Better! Australians love eating and cooking outdoors and a home just isn't a home without a Barbie. The size of your manhood can be directly compared with the size of your BBQ! For inspiration and recipes go to my Australian Food Recipes

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