Australian Souvenirs

If you are looking for Australian souvenirs or a gift for someone back home, then look no further.

Having spent a few years here, and had many guests from overseas, we've had many requests asking, what should I take back with me?

Well, here are the most popular gifts that you, your family and friends will love.

They are genuine authentic Australian products that will delight!

Ugg Boots - Perfect for the fashion conscious

Ugg Boots used to be what the Australians would dash down to the corner shop in to get their paper and coffee. They are as comfortable as slippers with a sheepskin lining. That makes them warm in the winter and cool in the summer.

On a recent trip back home to the UK, I couldn't believe how many fashionable folk were adorning Ugg Boots. Prices were also much more expensive than here in Australia - I reckoned they were about half the price over here. So, even if you have to pay a little for postage, it will still be worth it. Perfect Australian Souvenirs.

The company below would be my recommendation of where to buy. They are genuine. They have lots of choice and they sometimes have a sale on, bringing the price right down.

Ugg Boots Chestnut Ugg Boots Pale BlueUgg Boots short Black
Save up to 60%Save up to 60%Save up to 60%

Aboriginal Art - For the Collector or the House Proud

You can't fail to come to Australia and not be blown away by the Aboriginal Art. The paintings are so simple yet so effective. The colours and tones make them ideal for any home.

This is probably one of the most popular Australian Souvenirs but can be a bit of a pain carrying it home. I know a few people who have left that tube on the plane having carefully carried it as hand luggage the entire way. One option is to buy on line and get them to send it directly to you.

The other important thing about Aboriginal art is that you want to buy it from as close to the source as you can to keep the prices reasonable and so that the art is genuine.

The company below is really good because its very close to the source. They mainly have aboriginal art from around the Kimberley area. This area specialises in the ochre paintings (the paint they use) with depictions of the mystical Rock Art figures as well as landscape works of the area.

But they also stock paintings and artefacts from many other areas, including those of the renowned Masters of intricate and colourful acrylic works from the Central and Western Desert Communities.

Bottom line, these guys are good. The pictures are as authentic as you can get and their prices are reasonable. The art pictured below is all under $500, some under $100. Click here to see their full catalogue.

Artlandish Aboriginal Art Gallery

Aboriginal art Australia 1 Aboriginal art Australia 2 Aboriginal art Australia 3
Aboriginal art Australia 4 Aboriginal art Australia 5 Aboriginal art Australia 6

Australian Wildlife - Fury Friends

Kids love the Australian Wildlife with the Koala and Kangaroo being the most popular Australian souvenirs. These little gems are soft enough to cuddle.

Koala Soft Toy Kangaroo Soft ToyPlatypus Soft Toy Wombat Soft Toy
Koala 6" $15.95.Kangaroo with Joey 10" $29.95.Platypus 15" $31.95.Wombat 10" $31.50.

Or how about a book as part of your Australian Souvenirs? It's just $10. The novel features cute and cuddly Australian animals to teach appropriate behaviour to children. (Its aim is to stop bullying in the school yard.) The main characters are a gray western bush kangaroo by the name of Prince Bundy and his best friend Whitey, an Australian cockatoo, who together journey to the unknown east side of their home valley.

On their adventure they meet some friendly animals who furnish them with good advice. This book is filled with laughter and is a must read for all who have the spirit of adventure within them. You can also feel good about spending your hard earned cash as all profits go to building a school in the Philippines.

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