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"Australian Slang - Bogan, Barbie, Galah!Swimmers....find out what they mean!"

The Aussie twang is officially known as the "Strine" (so named by a linguist in 1966.) Yes we speak English here in Australia but sometimes it's hard to actually follow a conversation if you are surrounded by true Aussies.

The key things that you will notice is that every sentence sounds like a question as they tend to go up at the end of their sentences. You'll also notice a flattening of the vowels too.

So when you've mastered that, you then need to master a whole new vocabulary of words and sayings that can be a little confusing.

Take for example the word "bluey" - It can mean lots of things from blue bottle jellyfish to a traffic ticket or someone with Red hair! The Australians love to inject a bit of humour by using words that mean the total opposite. "Lofty" for someone who is short would be another example.

Below you will find a list of Australian slang and Australian sayings that I have heard regularly, in the hope that you can understand more when you get here for your trip. I've also included a couple of videos. After all we wouldn't want you getting Barbie the Doll and the Aussie Barbie mixed up now would we!

Key Australian Slang - Abbreviate Everything!

The first thing you can do to get into the lingo is to abbreviate as many words as you possibly can. Most should end with an "o" or an "ie"

Here are some examples:

Arvo - Afternoon

Barbie - BBQ and not a Barbie Doll!

Bikkie - Biscuit

Brickie - A brick layer

Brizzie - Brisbane

Breckie - Breakfast

Chewie - Chewing Gum

Chrissie - Christmas

Cozzie - Swimming Costume

Exy - Expensive

Kindie - Kindergarten

Maccas Macdonalds

Mozzie Mosquito

Oldies Parents

Pokies Fruit machines

Roadie A beer you take away with you "one for the road"

Trackies tracksuit pants

Uni - university

Ute - Utility Vehicle

Yewy - Do a U-turn

Australian Slang - Avoiding Social Blunders

Then you need to make sure you don't make any social blunders:

BYO - Bring your own Alcohol

Bring a Plate - Bring a plate of food - a dessert or a salad etc

Chook - Chicken

Pash - To kiss/snog

Root - Be careful not to use this word as it means F*ck

Snag - A Sausage

Skull - To drink a drink down in one

Smoko - Go for a smoke or break

Thongs - Flipflops and not Gstring underwear

Tinny - a can of beer

Terms of Endearement (Well Sort OF!)

Ankle Biter - Small child

Aussie - Australian

Bluey - Red Head

Bogan - Equivalent of a chav

Cook - the wife

Dag - A nerd

Drongo - A stupid person

Galah (often flaming galah) - stupid person

Pommie - British

Sheila - Woman

Show Pony - Someone trying too hard to dress the part

Australian Sayings

Chuck a Sickie - To pretend to be ill so as not to go work

Fair Dinkum - That's absolutely correct

Bloody Oath - That's true

No worries - No problem, will do

G'day Mate - Hello

Good on Ya! - Good for you

She'll be Right - Everything will be OK

Strewth! - Wow! Gosh!

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